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This post is about Pavlok Net Worth and biography. Pavlok, an American tech company that makes smart wristwatches, shocks users into changing bad habits. The company is still in existence today, just like its founder Maneesh Sethi.

Introduction of Pavlok

American IT startup Pavlok. No matter how little, smoking and chewing your nails are bad habits. An intelligent wristband called Pavlok can assist you in breaking bad behaviors.

One example of a wearable gadget is Pavlok, which modifies user behavior through haptic feedback.

It employs operant conditioning (associative learning) to break harmful habits. The gadget can be connected to 150 volts of “haptic feedback,” which promotes the development of new routines through vibration and matched behavior. Ivan Pavlok, a Russian physiologist, inspired its name.

Pavlok Bio

Pavlok Net Worth and Bio
Pavlok Net Worth and Bio

Pavlok is a tech wristwatch company founded by Maneesh Sethi in 2014 The watch was created by Sethi one year before.

Early Stages Pavlok

The company takes its name from the pioneering psychologist of classical conditioning, Ivan Pavlov.
The basic concept behind the watch is aversion therapy, which aids individuals in breaking harmful habits. If the user then considers engaging in a risky activity, it shocks them.

These practices could include nail-biting, consuming unhealthful meals, and smoking. Sethi apparently paid someone to smack him for his tasks, which gave him the idea for the enterprise.

He struggles to stop reading on social media because of his attention deficit disorder (ADD). When he first developed the watch in 2013, he was scared about shock.

Users using the aversion therapy device can select which negative habits they want to cease using an app. Users of the app can also shock someone who is wearing a watch.

The Founder Pavlok Wristband

The creator of Pavlok is Maneesh Sethi.He had always been a curious child.He enjoys reading books on business, web design, and computer programming.

‘Game Programming for Teens’ is a book that Sethi, who was 16 years old, also published.Sethi attended Stanford University to study computer science. Later, he rose to the position of Hack the System’s top editor.

Sethi left his job to launch his own company and develop the Pavlok gadget.The major objective of this invention is to assist consumers in ending unhealthy habits.

Pavlok The Product

Humans have a history of conditioning, which Pavlok takes use of.It makes an effort to get users to break bad behaviors.

You can configure the shock meter to be anywhere from barely unpleasant to quite comfortable. Customers receive an ebook that offers various ways to change behavior in addition to discussing how to break undesirable habits.

After the company’s growth, it added more specialized items.

Features Pavlok

These are the key features of the Pavlok wristband.

  • Pavlok’s battery lasts for 6-10 days.
  • This device is water-resistant.
  • You can adjust the electric snap intensity.
  • To train our brains, the device uses Habit loops.
  • You can also set alarms to improve your sleep cycle and follow the circadian rhythms.

Shock Clock

The Shock Clock has now gone through more than three iterations. As an alarm clock, it operates. Instead of blaring alarms, it plays soothing sensations and whistles.

These functions won’t disturb your sleep. The watch may also be adjusted to give you a gentle shock. The Pavlok shock clock’s ability to keep you awake makes it special.

It can be programmed to perform specific jumping jacks or read a QR code in a different room.

You can also figure out mathematical problems. Over time, the product is supposed to make you a morning person.

Pavlok Net Worth and Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NamePavlok Wristband
Nick NamePavlok
FounderManeesh Sethi
HeadquarterBoston, Massachusetts, United States of America
SpecialtiesWearables and Behavioral Science
TypePrivately Held
IndustriesComputers and Electronics Manufacturing
Company size11-50 employees
Pavlok Net Worth $2 million
Pavlok Net Worth and Bio

Pavlok 2

The sensory neural automatic process (SNAP), a mechanism for quitting harmful behaviors like smoking and nail-biting, is used in the second-generation Pavlok device.

There have been more than 100,000 sales of Pavlok 2. The watch also has activity monitoring and real-time haptic feedback.

The watch employs shock and vibration to stop you from picking up harmful behaviors. Numerous programs, including Google Fit and Todoist, can be connected to the watch.

Pavlok 3

With significant upgrades, the third-generation Pavlok differs from the second-generation Pavlok.

Because the Pavlok3 is water resistant, you can submerge it up to three feet.

Any analog or smartwatch that already exists can be enhanced by the product. Three physical buttons that can be programmed are also included.

Additionally, there are two different wristband options. The deluxe variant has a metallic mesh finish, while the sports model is constructed of silicon.

Pavlok Net Worth
Pavlok Net Worth

Pavlok Net Worth

There is now a wearable electronic device called Pavlok that assists users in breaking unhealthy behaviors and forming new, healthier ones. Pavlok’s return from Shark Tank received a favorable reaction from the audience.

Pavlok’s total sales in 2023 exceeded $ 11 million, and the company’s estimated net worth as of that year is $2 million.

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Pavlok Latest Update

Despite being turned down by the international Shark Tank Show, Pavlok was still able to compete successfully in the market thanks to its cutting-edge products and customer service. Last year (2022), Pavlok generated $370,000 in sales, and according to certain estimates, it will generate $400,000 by 2023.

As of now, Pavlok’s business is successful. Popular business Pavlok employs cutting-edge technology to assist people in kicking harmful behaviors.

Custom wristbands have just been added by the business. Additionally, the business provides consumers with online coaching services to assist them in becoming more motivated and focused.

Pavlok As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Pavlok WebsiteClick Here
Pavlok FaceBookClick Here
Pavlok InstagramClick Here
Pavlok TwitterClick Here
Pavlok YoutubeClick Here
Pavlok LinkedinClick Here
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Pavlok Awards & Achievements

Pavlok has won numerous accolades. It received a designation as a finalist for the 2015 MassChallenge accelerator.

In addition, Pavlok received the 2015 Shopify Build a Business Competition Award in recognition of the company’s record-breaking annual sales in the Electronics and gadgets category.

The Behavioral Technology group was listed as one of 2015’s 100 Brilliant Companies to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine. It was discussed on the ABC business reality program Shark Tank.

FAQ – Pavlok Net Worth

Who is the owner of Pavlok?

Manesh Sethi, the founder, and CEO of Pavlok — The Wearable Wristband that Trains Your Habits

Has Pavlok been successful?

Pavlok has helped over 100,000 satisfied customers wake up earlier, change their habits, and achieve their potential. 

Meet Louis W. Louis used Pavlok for his bad habits, which had plagued him for years, and he was able to develop new, more positive ones.

What is Pavlok net worth?

As of 2023, Pavlok’s net worth is estimated at $2 million and the company’s total revenue was more than $ 11 million in the same year.

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