Roominate Net Worth | Roominate Bio | How Roominate Is Changing the Way Girls Think About STEM

This is the post about Roominate Net Worth And Roominate Bio. Girls can learn a lot about STEM and engineering through Roominate.

Roominate is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a STEM play that will motivate your kid. Their products are enjoyable, captivating, and instructive.

Roominate Bio

With the construction set Roominate, girls may make their own electronic toys. The company was started in 2012 by two female entrepreneurs who were passionate about STEM education, Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen.

Both parents and teachers have praised Roominate’s entertaining and educational products.

Roominate Founders

Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen developed the company known as Roominate.

Both women are passionate proponents of encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM professions.

Alice Brooks, a mechanical engineer, previously worked for Nest Labs. Bettina Chen, a software developer, previously worked for Google.

When they were young, Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen both became passionate about science and engineering. As a little girl, Alice enjoyed building things with her engineer father.

Bettina was always curious in how things worked and enjoyed taking things apart to study their design.

Bettina and Alice both decide to major in engineering at college. Alice graduated from Stanford University with a degree in electrical engineering, while Bettina obtained her mechanical engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Alice and Bettina are both married with children. Both of them are passionate about STEM education and committed to using Roominate to inspire girls to pursue careers in the industry.

Roominate Bio
Roominate Bio

Appearance of Roominate

With the help of the construction set Roominate, kids may design their very own little rooms. Numerous pre-cut components, such as furniture, walls, flooring, and accessories, are included in the package.

Kids can use the pieces to create their own unique patterns or use one of the several Roominate kits that are available.

The Roominate pieces are made of high-quality plastic, which makes them durable and sturdy. The parts easily click together, and they may be taken apart and put back together again.

The Roominate sets come in a variety of colors so that kids can choose the ones they want.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Roominate

The fact that Roominate promotes girls to pursue STEM careers is one of its benefits. A fantastic approach for females to learn about engineering and electronics is through this product.

However, some users have complained that Roominate is overpriced.


  • It is an excellent way for kids to learn engineering and design. As they build their rooms, children will gain knowledge of concepts like scale, proportion, and structural soundness. They will also learn how to use tools safely and follow instructions.
  • Roominate is a lot of fun. When it comes to decorating their bedroom, kids can be very innovative and enjoy the challenge. Using Roominate, kids may develop their imaginations.
  • Using Roominate, children may learn spatial reasoning quite effectively. When building their rooms, children must think about how the different elements work together and how they create a sense of space. Children should work on honing this skill because it will help them in a variety of different areas of their lives.


It can be a little expensive, to start. The sets are priced between $50 and $100. Furthermore, younger kids might think the pieces are a little too little. Third, creating the settings might be time-consuming.

Overall, Roominate is a great educational gadget that has many benefits for kids. Engineering, design, and spatial reasoning may be taught to kids in a fun and engaging way. It’s important to be informed of any potential negatives before purchasing a Roominate system.

Company – Roominate Net Worth and Roominate Bio-Data

Roominate FoundersAlice Brooks and Bettina Chen
Roominate Launched2012
Years Roominate Completed11 years as of 2023
Roominate Net Worth$1 Million
Roominates Net Worth and Roominate Bio

Roominate Career – Source of Income

PlayMonster acquired Roominate in 2016. The company is still selling its products at a variety of establishments, including Amazon, Target, and Toys “R” Us.

No one has access to Roominate’s financial information because the company is privately held. The business has, nevertheless, expanded significantly since its founding.

In 2014, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invested in Roominate on the hit TV show Shark Tank.

In addition, the company has been highlighted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired.

Roominate Net Worth

It is unknown what Roominate is worth in the general public. The business, however, has a value of over $10 million.

The company had a $6 million valuation in 2012, but as of this writing, it is now worth $10 million. Additionally, revenue peaked at $5 million in 2021.

Roominate Net Worth
Roominate Net Worth

Roominate Philanthropy

Roominate is dedicated to supporting the neighborhood. To help girls learn about STEM, the firm has teamed with groups like Girls Who Code and FIRST Robotics. A part of Roominate’s earnings are also given to organizations that support STEM education.

Interesting Facts

The 2013 season of “Shark Tank” had a segment about Roominate.
The business has received numerous honors, including the Parents magazine Toy of the Year Award.
Products from Roominate have been included into STEM education initiatives in schools and libraries all over the world.

Roominate Social Media Sites

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Roominate WebsiteClick Here
Roominate FacebookNA
Roominate InstagramClick Here
Roominate TwitterNA
Roominate YoutubeClick Here
Roominate Social Media Links

Roominate Fascinating Facts

  • More than 10,000 classrooms have already benefited from Roominate’s products.
  • The Toy Industry Association’s Toy of the Year Award is only one of the honors that Roominate has received.
  • The 2016 movie “Hidden Figures” included a scene with roominate.

Conclusion About Roominate

A business called Roominate is transforming how girls view STEM fields. The company produces engaging, instructive, and motivating goods.

Roominate is dedicated to educating girls in STEM fields, and the business is actually changing the world.

Girls can learn a lot about STEM and engineering through Roominate. The product is enjoyable, captivating, and instructive. Roominate is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for a STEM play that will motivate your kid.

FAQs – Roominate Net Worth And Roominate Bio

What is Roominate?

Roominate is a construction set that allows girls to build their own electronic toys.

Who founded Roominate?

Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen founded Roominate in 2012.

What are Roominate’s products?

Roominate’s products include electronic dollhouses, robots, and cars.

How much does Roominate cost?

Roominate products range in price from $25 to $100.

Where can I buy Roominate?

Roominate products can be purchased online and at select retailers.

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