Breakdown BeerMKR Net Worth of $25 Million | BeerMKR Shark Tank Update

This article is about BEERMKR Net Worth and Other Information. Established in 2013 in Colorado, BeerMKR offers a home beer-making kit. This kit is crafted to automate brewing and save time. This user-friendly kit simplifies beer production.

Introduction The BeerMKR

BeerMKR, founded in Colorado in 2013, offers an automated home brewing kit. This kit speeds up beer production. The kit has three tiers: Brewtub, Brewbag, and Wastebag for easy use.

The app-controlled system handles heating, and cooling, and sends push notifications for brewing steps. CO2 sensors provide alerts.

Setting up is easy: place grains and water in the top container, switch to liquid mode, introduce hops and yeast, and then allow the machine to operate autonomously for 5-7 days.

The app prompts you to connect the beer bag to the tap after brewing. Kit costs $899, single beer taps $149, on Amazon.

The Founders of BeerMKR

Aaron Walls co-founded and currently serves as the CEO of BeerMKR. He completed his Master of Business Administration at Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management.

While pursuing his studies, he devoted 6 years to PKF Hospitality Research. Additionally, he held the role of fund manager for the BR Venture Fund for a year.

Brett Vegas joined BeerMKR in 2017. He assumed the positions of CMO, Co-Founder, and Board Member within the company. He pursued an MBA in Marketing from Johnson and Cornell University.

Following his education, he acquired experience at different companies. Some of these firms included Colgate Palmolive and The WhiteWave Foods Company. He has been the Marketing Director at Colorado Base Sage V Foods Company since 2016.

BeerMKR Bio

BeerMKR Bio Other Information
BeerMKR Bio Other Information

BeerMKR Net Worth and Other Information

Company NameBeerMKR
FounderAaron Walls and Brett Vegas
HeadquartersBoulder, Colorado, US
Productat-home beer brewer
Asked For$500k for 2% equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 12 Episode 23
Air DateMay 7, 2021
TypePrivately Held
Company size11-50 employees
Business StatusIn Business
BeerMKR Net Worth$25 million
BeerMKR Net Worth and Other Information

BeerMKR Website, Instagram, and Other Social Media Profiles

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BeerMKR Before Shark Tank

In 2013, the business emerged as BrewJacket. However, in 2021, it underwent a name change to BEERMKR, Inc. It focused on offering innovative yet traditional home brewing supplies.

In September 2018, a successful Kickstarter campaign unfolded. The company exceeded its $100,000 goal, collecting $398,276 from 1,000 backers.

Despite encountering shipping and production challenges, the company faced delays in shipping. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic also hindered shipping efforts, resulting in significant losses.

BeerMKR empowers individuals to craft homemade beer using personal ingredients. The platform also provides ready-made recipes (MKRKITs) for convenience.

BeerMKR After Shark Tank

Before its Shark Tank appearance, BeerMKR had amassed $3 million in funding. However, the sharks were deterred by the absence of sales, causing them to decline the opportunity.

In August 2021, the company celebrated a milestone of 100,000 beers brewed, sharing the news in a post.

Recently, the company completed its latest funding round, securing $466,000. However, detailed information about this round remains limited for now.

While the product is available on Amazon, its reception on the platform has been less favorable.

BeerMKR Shark Tank Update

After its Shark Tank exposure, the product received attention but didn’t secure shark funding. In pursuit of expansion, it sought funding from StartEngine. As of September 8, 2022, it raised $130,810 at $5.98 per share. Additionally, the company raised $457,661 on another platform.

BeerMKR Net Worth

As of 2023, BeerMKR net worth is estimated at $25 million.

BeerMKR Net Worth
BeerMKR Net Worth

BeerMKR Advantages and Disadvantages

BeerMKR Advantages:

  • Designed for simplicity, it’s beginner-friendly.
  • Advanced brewers gain precise fermentation control.
  • User-friendly app offers step-by-step guidance and progress tracking.
  • Compact size suits even small storage spaces.
  • An automated cleaning cycle ensures easy maintenance.

BeerMKR Disadvantages:

  • Pre-packaged kits might stifle experienced brewers’ creativity.
  • Costlier in comparison to traditional home brewing.
  • Restricted capacity hampers brewing larger batches at once.

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BeerMKR Still In Business

Additional details about the Colorado Bass Beer Making Machine are currently unavailable. Likewise, the sales report for this business hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Despite the margin challenges from Shark Tank, the entrepreneur remains at the helm, setting the product’s price at $899.

The business maintains an active presence on social media and offers its product on Amazon. Rest assured, BeerMKR remains operational and in business.

BeerMKR Reviews

Now that you’re acquainted with BeerMKR, let’s delve into its reviews after 6 months of use. BeerMKR is a compact, user-friendly home fermentation tool designed for crafting your own artisanal beer.

It offers pre-packaged kits containing all essentials for diverse brews. BeerMKR caters to novices while giving skilled brewers precise control over taste and alcohol content.

Highlighted Features: Compact size and user-friendly interface enhance usability. The ability to brew diverse beer styles through pre-packaged kits is a key feature.

It offers meticulous control over flavor and alcohol content. The app provides step-by-step instructions and tracks progress. An automatic cleaning cycle simplifies maintenance.

FAQ – BeerMKR Net Worth

What is BeerMKR’s net worth?

BeerMKR’s net worth is approximately $25 million in 2023.

Who founded BeerMKR?

The BeerMKR founders are Aaron Walls and Brett Vegas.

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