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This post is about Aiden Fucci Net Worth and his biography. Aiden Fucci, a well-known Florida student, murderer, and media personality is also a social media personality.

After stabbing Tristyn Bailey, a 13-year-old girl, to death, he became a national celebrity.

Introduction of Aiden Fucci – Early Life, Education

Aiden Fucci, a young American student, is currently being held and legally processed for allegedly causing the death of a 13-year-old cheerleader.

Fucci, who was born in 2007, is accused of murdering Tristyn Bailey, a classmate. He was charged with first-degree murder and is being tried as an adult, despite his youth.

According to reports, Fucci attacked Tristyn Bailey with a knife in the woods close to his home. This caused her to die instantly. After Tristyn’s family reported her missing, Fucci stabbed Tristyn Bailey 114 times in the woods near his house. This caused her death instantly.

Early Life – Aiden Fucci Age

He was born on 17 November 2006 in Florida, United States. Aiden Fucci’s age is 17 now.

He lived with his family and is now an American citizen. On her birthday, he throws a huge party at her home for her friends. His father’s name is Jason Michael Fucci and his mother’s name is Crystal Smith.

Aiden Fucci Height and Weight

Aiden is a pretty tall and healthy boy. Aiden Fucci’s height is around 5 ft 7 inches and weighs around 60 kg at the age of 17.

Aiden Fucci Education

He completed his primary education at a local school. He was a seventh grader at Patriot Oaks Academy, St Johns, Florida when he murdered his classmate. Aiden was a good student. His future education plans have not been revealed.

Aiden Fucci’s Relationships and Girlfriend

Many people started to ask about Fucci’s personal life after he was convicted of the murder of a teenage girl. Fucci was in a relationship with his senior. When he was in seventh grade, was in a relationship with a girl in eighth.

Cops also heard from his girlfriend that he often discussed. The identity and name of the girl have been withheld for security reasons. His current relationship is private. He is currently living behind bars and does not have any girlfriends.

Aiden Fucci Career

Aiden Fucci was an undergraduate when he was arrested. He wanted to be well-known and continue his education. He had great dreams and worked hard to achieve them. 

However, he was living in Florida with his family. He was also a student and didn’t work anywhere to provide for his family. He is still struggling. His murder of Tristyn Bailey appears to have had a profound impact on his whole life. 

He was unaware of the implications of his crime and it cost him his career, his life, as well as his education. He has a significant share of his parent’s fortune. His net worth is unknown at this time.

Aiden Fucci Bio

Aiden Fucci Net Worth Bio
Aiden Fucci Net Worth Bio

Aiden Fucci Net Worth and Aiden Fucci Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameAiden Fucci
Nick NameAiden
Date Of Birth17 November 2006
Age17 years old
Birth PlaceFlorida, United States
Parents NameFather – Jason Michael Fucci
Mother – Crystal Smith
Height5 feet 6 inches (167 cm.)
Weight59 kg (130 lbs)
Hair ColorDark Blonde
Eye ColorHazel
Marital StatusNA
ProfessionStudent, Media Face, and Internet Personality
Aiden Fucci Net Worth Unknown
Aiden Fucci Net Worth and Aiden Fucci Bio

Aiden Fucci Murder Tristyn Bailey

Tristyn Bailey was seen with Fucci and another classmate before the incident. Surveillance footage captured Bailey and Fucci walking along a dark residential street toward the woods before Bailey died. 

Fucci was seen running alone, barefoot, around 2 a.m. After she failed to show up for the Mother’s Day breakfast that her family had planned, her family reported Fucci missing.

Both the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Department as well the prosecution stressed that Bailey, a popular local teenager in a peaceful neighborhood, had numerous defensive wounds which indicated a violent struggle to save her life. She has had 114 stab wounds.

Aiden Fucci Net Worth

Aiden Fucci net worth is unknown at the moment.

Aiden Fucci Net Worth
Aiden Fucci Net Worth

Murder Investigation and Arrest

Fucci was the son of Crystal Smith. A pair of jeans that tested positive for blood were found in the sink.

Aiden didn’t plead with mental illness or insanity during the trial. Aiden stated that he was conscious of his actions and accepted responsibility.

He didn’t show any regret for his actions and seemed unaffected by the gravity of his crime.

He pleaded guilty on the day of trial to the murder charges. As part of the plea deal, he was not offered any leniency in terms of his sentence. The sentence will be imposed at another time.

Crystal Smith was the mother of Fucci. His mother is also accused of tempering the evidence. After a video of her cleaning a pair of jeans in the sink, she was accused of tempering.

The jeans were positive for blood, and blood was also found in the sink’s drain.

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Aiden Fucci Instagram, and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Aiden Fucci FacebookNA
Aiden Fucci InstagramClick Here
Aiden Fucci TwitterClick Here
Aiden Fucci Net Worth Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Aiden Fucci Net Worth

Who is Aiden Fucci?

Teen sentenced for stabbing a Florida cheerleader 114. Authorities said that Aiden Fucci, then 14, killed Tristyn Bailey, 13, on May 9, 2021. In February, he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.

What is Aiden Fucci’s net worth?

Aiden Fucci’s net worth is unknown at the moment.

Where was Aiden Fucci born?

Aiden Fucci was born in Florida, United States.

What is the nationality of Aiden Fucci?

Aiden Fucci’s nationality is American.

What is the religion of Aiden Fucci?

Aiden Fucci’s religion is Christianity.

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