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Step into the inspiring world of Julie Green! Uncover Julie Green Net Worth and her captivating journey. Known for Julie Green Ministries, explore the fascinating Julie Green Bio. This article takes you through the life and net worth of a remarkable individual. Don’t miss this insightful read on Julie Green’s impact and success!

This lady is a beautiful woman. She is a Christian speaker, author, and founder of JGM International.

Julie Green Bio

She is a Native American personality, who is well-known for her YouTube channel. She also owns JGMInternational.

She has been an associate pastor at Faith Family Fellowship since 2013, where her father is the Head Pastor.

As the founder of JGM, her goal is to spread the Love and Grace of God through various activities like building schools, providing job opportunities, and disaster relief.

Her ministry has positively impacted countless lives worldwide, with up to two million weekly viewers on her TV network.

Julie Green Age

She was born on 22 September 1961. Hence, according to her last birthday, she should be 62 as of now.

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Julie Green Biography

Being an American fivefold ministry prophet as well as associate pastor at the church of the Faith, she is the founder of JGM International.

She was born and raised in California, where she experienced a powerful conversion to Christianity at the age of 22.

After her conversion, she felt a strong calling to share the gospel with others and began to preach and minister in churches and other Christian organizations.

Her parents, father, and mother were renewed and filled by the Holy Spirit during the time that her mother was expecting her birth.

Her father attended Rhema Bible College, where she was first exposed to the gospel of faith. She offered the entirety of her life Christ at the age of five. then, She began laying help on sick people.

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Personal Life – Julie Green Husband

She has been married to Trent Green since February 5, in the year 1994. They have three children, two sons and a daughter named T.J., Derek, and Janelle Green.


Through her ministry, she has conducted numerous evangelistic campaigns, spoken at conferences and seminars, and written several books, including “You Are Priceless” and “In His Presence.” She is also the host of the television program, “Julie Green Ministries.”

In 1995, she founded Julie Green Ministries, which is dedicated to spreading the message of the gospel throughout the world.

After 15 years in the NFL, Trent Green found a position as an analyst for CBS Sports NFL reporter. Being the wife of the former NFL athlete she became The chairperson and founder of his foundation, the Trent Green Family Foundation.

She is known for her work in evangelism, teaching, and mentoring. JGM International is focused on empowering women, helping them discover their purpose and identity in Christ, and equipping them to live a life of faith.

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Julie Green Ministries International (JGM International)

She is the owner and is famous for her YouTube channel Julie Green Ministries International.

This organization exists to transform lives through God’s unconditional love, His Word, and the hope that comes from a personal relationship with Him.

It is an international organization for outreach offering development and humanitarian assistance to developing nations by distributing relief materials and the construction of hospitals and schools. 

She has also founded various other Christian ministries, including Operation Blessing International, which offers disaster relief throughout the world, and Homeboy Industries, which provides jobs and training opportunities for young people at risk. 

The year 2014 was the time Julie Green was ranked sixth according to the “Forbes” list of the most wealthy women in the world, with a sum of $600 million.

This organization is a Christian ministry established in the year 1984. The church has its headquarters situated in Houston, Texas. The organization is estimated to have a worth of $150 million by 2024. 

The ministry runs 26 schools, and 42 churches as well as a television network that has an estimated 2 million viewers per week. JGM International also runs a publishing house as well as a music label.

JGM International is a YouTube channel that has more than 25.40K users. It began just one year ago and has 103 videos uploaded.

Julie Green Net Worth
Julie Green Net Worth | Julie Green Bio

Julie Green Ministries Social work

  • The main focus of the ministry is preaching Jesus’ gospel, Jesus Christ. Offering assistance to the needy in disaster relief, as well as developing connections with Christians with Muslims.
  • The ministry has been involved in a variety of projects across the globe. This includes work in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and the rebuilding following the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake. She assisted in the reconstruction of schools in Kenya after the floods of 2013 Kenya floods.

In the year 2018, JGM announced that it had achieved its goal of $40 million in worldwide outreach with donations that were received in the year.

Julie Green Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameJulie Lynn Green
Nick NameJulie Green
Birthday22 September 1961
Birth PlaceNA
Parents NameNA
Height6 feet 5 inches
Weight60 kg
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
NationalityNative American
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandTrent Green
Children Name3 Children (T.J., Derek, and Janelle Green)
ProfessionAuthor, Youtuber
Julie Green Ministries Net Worth$7.5 million
Julie Green Net Worth and Bio

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth | Julie Green Net Worth

Getting accurate information about her net worth and salary is impossible. Julie Green net worth is Calculated Based on a Combination of Social Factors.

Julie Green net worth value was between $5 to $7 million in 2023. Now in 2024, Julie Green Ministries net worth is estimated at $7.5 million.

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Julie Green Ministries Net Worth

Julie Green Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization. The Ministries’ mission is to “reach out to people with the love and grace of Jesus Christ, catalyzing change that builds relationships of compassion and hope.” But, due to donation factors and other asset accumulation, the non-profit organization also has built an wealth. As of now, Julie Green Ministries had an estimated net worth of $60,000.

Julie Green Ministries International – Social media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
WebsiteClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here
YouTubeClick Here
Truth SocialClick Here
RumbleClick Here
Julie Green Ministries International (JGM International) Net Worth & Bio Social Media Accounts

Julie Green Ministries Rumble

  • The platform for her prophetic messages. Rumble is a video-sharing platform used by JGM to share their founder’s prophetic pronouncements, which she believes are direct words from God about current events.
  • Variety of content. The channel features various content, including sermons, teachings, and live streams of her events.
  • Engaged community. Viewers actively comment and interact with the videos, creating a sense of community among her followers.
  • Source of controversy. Some people question the accuracy and methods of her prophecies, sparking debate and discussion on the channel.
  • Growing audience. Despite the controversies, JGM Rumble’s channel has gained a sizable following of people who find her messages meaningful and impactful.


Who is the owner of Julie Green Ministries?

Julie Green is the owner of JGMInternational.

What is Julie Green’s Real Name?

Her real name is Julie Lynn Green.

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