Fuerza Regida Net Worth 2023, Bio, Members, Concernt, Tour, Tickets, Shooting, Tinley Park, Songs

Curious about Fuerza Regida Net Worth? Discover the amazing journey from Fuerza Regida Bio. Fuerza Regida is a popular Mexican and Latin American musical YouTube channel.
It has gained widespread popularity.

The musical group, recognized as Fuerza Regida, has released numerous videos that have accumulated substantial views.

Introduction of Fuerza Regida | Fuerza Regida Bio

Fuerza Regida is a Mexican-American regional Mexican band from San Bernardino, California. The band is composed of lead vocalist Jesus Ortiz Paz. It also includes backing vocalist and twelve-string guitarist Samuel Jaimez.

Additionally, there’s rhythm guitarist Khrystian Ramos, sousaphone player Jose “Pelon” Garcia, and tololoche player Moises Lopez.

Their collaboration with Grupo Frontera, “Bebe Dame,” achieved the 25th position on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2023. It secured the top spot on both the US Hot Latin Songs and Mexico Songs charts.

In May 2023, the band unveiled “Pariente” in collaboration with Myke Towers. Come October 2023, they released their eighth studio album, “Pa Las Baby’s y Belikeada.”

Fuerza Regida Members

Members of Fuerza Regida include:

  • Jesus Ortiz Paz
  • Khrystian Ramos
  • Samuel Jaimez
  • Jose “Pelon” Garcia
  • Moises Lopez

Fuerza Regida Concerts

Fuerza Regida’s concerts are electrifying. They feature pulsating rhythms, passionate vocals, and contagious energy that ignites the crowd. These performances celebrate Mexican culture. They showcase the band’s heritage and pride in their musical roots.

Fuerza Regida Tour

Fuerza Regida has toured extensively in the United States and Mexico. They’ve performed to sold-out crowds and built a passionate fan base. Their energetic stage presence has established them as one of the most thrilling live acts. Their captivating music contributes to their prominence in the Mexican regional music scene.

Fuerza Regida Net Worth, Bio, Members, Concernt, Tour, Tickets, Shooting
Fuerza Regida Net Worth, Bio, Members, Concernt, Tour, Tickets, Shooting

Fuerza Regida Career

In November 2022, Fuerza Regida released a cover of “Chuy y Mauricio.” The cover is titled “Chrysler 300” and was originally performed by Los Canelos de Durango.

This served as a promotion for two new albums, a double album, planned for release by the end of the year. On November 14, they unveiled “Prefiero empedarme,” the second single from the double album. They also released a music video on their official YouTube channel. The video reached the top 20 on YouTube Mexico.

The song, with a Sinaloan band style, lyrically explores spite and was recorded live. In late November, they dropped “911” with Grupo Frontera, co-written by Horacio Palencia and Edgar Barrera.

The official music video gained 2.5 million views in the first three days. It stayed in the top 10 videos in Mexico for two weeks. Bandamax noted that the single solidified Grupo Frontera and Fuerza Regida as significant acts in Mexican music. “911” reached number 24 on the Hot Latin Songs list.

In December 2022, Fuerza Regida, together with Natanael Cano, released the hit “Ch y la Pizza.” The song delves into drug trafficking in Mexico. It specifically targets “La Chapiza,” a term referring to the criminal group associated with the children of Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

The lyrics mention the bosses Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazar and Ismael Zambada Garcia. They also touch on the theme of Santeria in a verse sung by Cano. The song trended on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Spotify.

The music video garnered 1.2 million views on its first day. It ranked as the sixth most-viewed video globally on its opening day. It secured positions on the charts, including number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Additionally, it reached number 39 on the Billboard Global 200. It also secured number 9 on Hot Latin Songs, achieving top 10 status in Mexico.


Fuerza Regida Net Worth | Fuerza Regida Wikipedia

Real NameFuerza Regida
Fuerza Regida Active2015-present
Fuerza Regida OriginSan Bernardino, California, United States
Fuerza Regida GenreRegional Mexican, urban sierreno, corridos tumbados, banda,
pacific norteno, mariachi
ProfessionMexican Music, Music of Latin America YouTube channel,
Musical band
Fuerza Regida Net Worth $20 million
Fuerza Regida Net Worth and Fuerza Regida Bio

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Fuerza Regida Tickets

Tickets for Fuerza Regida’s concerts are in high demand, and their popularity grows with each performance. Fans eager for their electrifying stage presence and infectious energy. They rush to secure tickets, ensuring their shows are always packed and vibrant.

Fuerza Regida Net Worth

In 2023, Fuerza Regida net worth is estimated at $20 million. The band has monthly earnings of $100,000 and annual profits around $1.2 million.

The band also generates substantial income through sponsorships, events, brand partnerships, and various sources, in addition to advertising money.

Fuerza Regida Net Worth - Fuerza Regida Bio
Fuerza Regida Net Worth – Fuerza Regida Bio

Fuerza Regida Songs

The band’s notable achievement lies in its extensive music collection, cherished by fans. Their albums include:

  • “En Vivo Puros Corridos” (2018)
  • “Del Barrio Hasta Aqui” (2019)
  • “Adicto” (2020)
  • “Otro Pedo, Otro Mundo” (2020)
  • “Del Barrio Hasta Aqui, Vol. 2” (2021)
  • “Pa Que Hablen” (2022)
  • “Sigan Hablando” (2022)

They’ve also released EPs:

  • “Las Romanticas Favoritas” (2019)
  • “Pisteando con la Regida” (2019)
  • “Pisteando con la Regida, Vol. 2” (2020)
  • “Feliz con Fuerza Regida” (2020)
  • “Pisteando con la Regida, Vol. 3” (2020)

Their single “Bebe Dame” is a collaboration with Grupo Frontera. It reached the 25th position on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2023. The band credits their immense success to their fans. They consider them their most significant accomplishments.

Fuerza Regida Shooting

In 2021, Fuerza Regida’s tour bus was shot in Mexico, injuring one person. This incident shocked the music industry, emphasizing the challenges Mexican regional artists face. Despite the setback, the band persisted, performing and sharing their music with their devoted fans.

Fuerza Regida Tinley Park

Fuerza Regida’s 2022 performance at Tinley Park in Chicago, Illinois, was a landmark event. It attracted over 70,000 fans. This solidified their status as one of the most popular Mexican regional bands in the United States. The concert further secured their place in the hearts of countless fans.

Fuerza Regida YouTube Channel

Fuerza Regida’s YouTube channel is named “FUERZA REGIDA.” It was established on March 5, 2020, and currently boasts 555k subscribers.

FAQ – Fuerza Regida Net Worth

How much is Fuerza Regida worth?

Fuerza Regida net worth is approximately $20 million as of 2023.

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