Nikki Delventhal Net Worth | Nikki Delventhal Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Career

Discover the fascinating journey of Nikki Delventhal Net Worth building and her Biography. Former Wilhelmina NY model and NFL cheerleader turned full-time adventurer, she now lives life on the road with her dog, Camper. Join us as we explore her transition from glamour to adventure!

Introduction of Nikki Delventhal

Nikki Delventhal is an adventurer, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast. In NYC, she was a celebrity hairdresser, Wilhelmina model, NFL cheerleader NY(New York), Jets, and fitness instructor.

She traded the glamour for full-time travel. She has been a tour guide for teens for over 20 years. Since then, she has also worked remotely as a travel planner and travel planner.

Her primary motivation for starting a YouTube channel was to inspire others, to live their best lives, to get outside, to follow their passions… and to give some guidance along the way.

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Nikki Delventhal – Early Life, Education, Personal Life, and Career

Early Life – Nikki Delventhal Age

Nikki Delventhal was born on 5 January 1989 in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States to an American family. According to her birthday, Nikki Delventhal’s age is 34 as of now.

Nikki is the daughter of an affluent family that owns a carbon-neutral company to Dan Delventhal (father), and Cynthia (mother). 

Her father is MowGreen’s CEO, and her mother takes care of the company. She has two sisters, Kayla Danielle Raven, and Shoshanna Raven.

Nikki Delventhal Height & Weight

Nikki has a modelic posture. Being a lady she possesses an attractive height. Nikki Delventhal’s height is 5 ft 11 inches (180 cm) and weighs around 64 kg.

Nikki Delventhal Education

Nikki is a highly educated person who attended a local high school and then went on to complete her university education at an independent university.

Personal Life – Nikki Delventhal Boyfriend

Nikki Delventhal Net Worth
Nikki Delventhal Net Worth

Nikki Delventhal had a boyfriend, but she didn’t marry him. But I couldn’t trace her boyfriend’s name from any reliable sources or her social media profiles.

For three years, she and her dog lived full-time in a Toyota Prius. Now they live in a Mercedes Sprinter 4×4.

Nikki Delventhal Career

While Nikki Delventhal started her modeling career, she was also a cheerleader, hair stylist, and fitness instructor. In 2015, she started full-time traveling with her Toyota Prius and then her dog Camper.

Nikki joined Youtube in January 2009, and her first video was titled “Prius backseat removal- Step 1 building your TOYOTA PRUS to live” published on 18 August 2020. She shares camping and travel videos on her Youtube channel.

After her Youtube videos were monetized, she decided that external ad revenues would be donated to Camper Cares, her charity organization to aid animals, families, and fosters.

Nikki Delventhal Bio

Nikki Delventhal Net Worth - Nikki Delventhal Bio
Nikki Delventhal Net Worth – Nikki Delventhal Bio

Nikki Delventhal’s Dog Camper

In September 2020, she actually saved Camper from a New Mexico hike. She was looking for hiking trails in remote areas with her mom when she noticed the dog following after the car.

They initially assumed that the dog was with his family, but she eventually stopped following him for four miles. The dog leaped on her lap when she opened the car door.

It was almost as if they had been drawn together from the first moment they met. The couple took the puppy to the local animal shelter, leaving enough money for the dog’s care.

However, Nikki was unable to forget the sadness that followed her leaving that sweet pup. After feeling sad for four days, she decided that the dog was necessary for her life.

She returned to the shelter and adopted him. Camper is now her baby and her friend, but she also travels with her.

Nikki Delventhal Net Worth and Nikki Delventhal Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameNikki Delventhal
Nick NameNikki
Date Of Birth05 January 1989
Age34 years old
Birth PlaceFairfield, Connecticut, USA
Nikki Delventhal Parents’ NameFather – Dan Delventhal
Mother – Cynthia
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight64 Kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Siblings(Two Sisters) Kayla Danielle and Shoshanna Raven
Nikki Delventhal BoyfriendNA
Nikki Delventhal Marital StatusSingle
Spouse NameNA
ProfessionContent Creator, YouTuber, Modelling, Instagram Celebrity, Social Media Influencer
Nikki Delventhal Net Worth $300,000
Nikki Delventhal Net Worth and Nikki Delventhal Bio
Nikki Delventhal Bio
Nikki Delventhal Bio

Nikki Delventhal Net Worth

As of 2023, Nikki Delventhal net worth is approximately $300,000. The total income includes YouTube videos, ads, Instagram modeling posts, Photoshoots, and Brand endorsements.

Nikki Delventhal earns money with YouTube

Her channel now has more than 93.2k subscribers and has received approximately 5.79 million views. She uploads at least two videos per month to her channel.

Each day, 400 new subscribers are added. The total uploaded video gets over 1.1 million page views per month. She is therefore earning $400 per day ($144000 annually) from YouTube ads that are embedded in her videos.

Additional revenue comes from Patreon support and Amazon affiliate sales. Her net worth is currently estimated at $250000.

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Nikki Delventhal’s Social Media Activity 

Nikki Delventhal is active on many social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She has 108K Instagram followers and 18K followers on Facebook. It has 7.2K followers on Twitter, and 390K YouTube subscribers. Here she shares her daily life story.

Nikki Delventhal Website, Instagram, and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Nikki Delventhal WebsiteClick Here
Nikki Delventhal FacebookClick Here
Nikki Delventhal InstagramClick Here
Nikki Delventhal TwitterClick Here
Nikki Delventhal YoutubeClick Here
Nikki Delventhal PatreonClick Here
Nikki Delventhal Net Worth Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Nikki Delventhal Net Worth

How old is Nikki Delventhal?

Nikki Delventhal is

Where is Nikki Delventhal’s birthplace?

Nikki Delventhal’s birthplace is Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

Is Nikki Delventhal married?

No. Nikki Delventhal is not married to anyone till now, as far as information I have from the internet.

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