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Daniel Vegas Low Roller Biography

He is a low-stakes gambler based in Las Vegas. He shares his gambling stories and wins at the casino on YouTube.

Vegas Low Roller Bio
Vegas Low Roller Bio

Early Life – Vegas Low Roller Age

He was born on February 1, 1971, in the United States. According to his last birthday, his age is 53.

He began to be interested in gambling as a child. He moved from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2011.

Personal Life – Vegas Low Roller Wife – Is Vegas Low Roller married?

Yes, he is married, although it is not known who the spouse is. Also, there are a lot of queries about his personal life including “Does Vegas Low Roller have a Girlfriend?”. To be true, I don’t have any solid information to disclose his private information, as this information is not available publicly.

He loves to travel around the globe and shares his experiences via his YouTube channel.

He supports many charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Cancer Society.


The year 2012 was the birth of his YouTube channel, which soon grew in popularity thanks to its educational and amusing gambling films.

He offers his insider knowledge on how to maximize your slot machine winnings. More than 136 million people have seen his videos, and he has over 167,000 subscribers.

Other works by him include “The Ultimate Slot Machine Guide” (co-authored with him) and “Slots CONQUEST: How to Beat the Slot Machines!”

His personal stories and advice on how to succeed at the casino are posted on his site.

YouTube Career

He goes by the name Dan and is a low-stakes gambling guru on YouTube.The initial SlotCo for VegasLowRoller was established in 2018. He was able to discuss his personal experiences in this forum.

Before starting his YouTube career, he claimed to have worked as a producer for the online game Fallen Age. He’s currently the owner of the original SlotCo after years in the marketing industry.

Additionally, the slot machine player for VegasLowRoller has openly acknowledged that he experienced terrible anxiety when he was only 23 years old and weighed 515 pounds.

He was motivated to make a change by his affection for his supporters, who were his viewers. During the SlotCon, he bragged about shedding 244 pounds in a year without undergoing any surgery. His admirers were pleased.

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Vegas Low Roller Slot Videos

There are a lot of Winning Slot Videos available on Daniel’s YouTube Channel. You can check them out if you wish. Those are provocating and will increase the tendency to play slot games. My suggestion should be to avoid playing blindly without wasting your valuable time and hard-earned money.

Vegas Low Roller Criminal Record

His real name is Daniel Lorenzo Manachi, has a felonious record for burglary and theft. In 2004, he was condemned and doomed to six months in jail for breaking into a home in Las Vegas and stealing jewelry and electronics.

In 2008, he was condemned for theft again after stealing a laptop computer from a summerhouse.

Manachi has defended his decision to continue lying and participating in his gests with others, saying that he’s a reformed character and that his felonious record is inapplicable to his gambling channel.

still, some people have blamed Richter for promoting gambling on YouTube, arguing that his felonious record makes him a poor part model. Eventually, it’s over to each existent to decide whether or not to watch Richter’s vids.

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Vegas Low Roller Net Worth and Bio
Vegas Low Roller Net Worth and Vegas Low Roller Bio

Vegas Low Roller Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameDaniel Lorenzo Manachi
Nick NameDan
Date Of BirthFebruary 1, 1971
Age53 years old
Birth PlaceUnited States
Parents NameNA
Height6 feet
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Marital StatusNA
Spouse NameNA
Children NameNA
ProfessionYouTuber, Gambler
Vegas Low Roller Net Worth $1 million
Vegas Low Roller Net Worth and Vegas Low Roller Bio

Vegas Low Roller Net Worth

Vegas Low Roller’s net worth is approximately stands around $1 million. His YouTube channel is where he makes his money through sponsorships and ads. His book sales and blog also provide income.

His income sources include sponsorships, ads, book sales, and his blog. His engaging content on YouTube, combined with sponsorships and ad revenue, has significantly contributed to his net worth. His diverse income sources, including sponsorships, ads, book sales, and his blog, have played a significant role in elevating his net worth to around $1 million.

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Vegas Low Roller Net Worth
Vegas Low Roller Net Worth

Vegas Low Roller Social Media Pages

To increase the online presence of his VegasLowRoller YouTube channel, Dan made different social media accounts, including Tumblr (, Twitter, Facebook (, and Instagram to provide updates, giveaways, and share promo codes that his viewer can use on his merch.

To chat with his viewers, he uses YouTube’s comment section and Facebook’s Facebook page.

Vegas Low Roller Merchandise: A Unique Way to Show Your Support

It is a line of apparel and accessories featuring his branding and designs. The merchandise is available for purchase on his website and Spreadshirt.

What makes his Merchandise so unique is that it is designed by himself. He takes pride in creating high-quality stores that his fans will love. The designs are also unique and reflect his personality and sense of humor.

Another thing that makes Vegas Low Roller Merchandise unique is that it is a way to show your support for him. By purchasing from “Vegas Low Roller Merchandise”, you are helping him to continue creating great content for his YouTube channel. You are also showing other fans that you are a part of the community.

If you are a fan of Vegas Low Roller, I highly recommend checking out his merchandise line. There is something for everyone, and the merchandise is a great way to show your support for him.

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Vegas Low Roller YouTube, and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
FaceBookClick Here
InstagramClick Here
YoutubeClick Here
Vegas Low Roller Net Worth Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Vegas Low Roller Net Worth

What is Vegas Low Roller Real Name?

His Real Name is Daniel Lorenzo Manachi.

Where does Vegas Low Roller live?

He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Vegas Low Roller’s net worth?

His net worth is $1 Million.

Does Vegas Low Roller have a girlfriend?

He kept this information private. In one video it is known that he is dating a girl named Sarah. But it depends on him and his revelation about his relationship or dating.

Is Vegas Low Roller married?

As far as I know, till now he is not married. There is no solid information about his dating yet either.

What does Vegas Low Roller do for a living?

He is a YouTuber who shares his casino lifestyle and gambling adventures.

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