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Discover the captivating story behind David Diga Hernandez net worth in our comprehensive article. From his journey as a renowned Christian evangelist to his impact on the global ministry landscape, delve into the details of his financial success. Explore how David Diga Hernandez’s dedication to spreading the message of faith has not only transformed lives but also contributed to his financial prosperity, making him a prominent figure in the world of Christian evangelism.

David Diga Hernandez Biography

David Diga Hernandez is a prominent American evangelist. He is also an author, Bible expositor, healing minister, and TV host.

In January 2012, he founded the David Hernandez Ministries. He holds the position of president within the organization.

Moreover, he manages a highly esteemed YouTube channel. This channel boasts over a million subscribers. His videos consistently accumulate views ranging from hundreds of thousands to even millions.

Early Life: David Diga Hernandez Age

David was born on March 22, 1989, in Artesia, California. According to his last birthday, David Diga Hernandez Age is 34.

David grew up in a Christian household. David Diga Hernandez’s parents are named David (father) and Esther (mother).

Among his siblings, he was the middle child. He had an elder sister named Raquel. He also had a younger brother named Michael. Notably, his grandparents were also preachers.

David Diga Hernandez Education

In 2007, Hernandez completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies at Lee University. The university is located in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Subsequently, he obtained a Master of Divinity degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Personal Life: David Diga Hernandez Wife

David married with Jessica. Her full name is Jessica Hernandez. Their marriage took place in April 2015. Together they have a daughter. Their daughter, Aria Rose, was born in April 2019.

David Diga Hernandez Bio Net Worth
David Diga Hernandez Bio Net Worth

David Diga Hernandez Career

In the mid-2000s, David Diga Hernandez embarked on his career. He started by producing music for prominent industry figures. Collaborating with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Alicia Keys, he’s also released two solo albums.

His music has graced screens in movies and TV, while accolades and nominations have come his way. Magazines and newspapers have spotlighted him too.

David Diga Hernandez Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameDavid Diga Hernandez
Nick NameDavid 
Date Of BirthMarch 22, 1989
Age34 years old
Birth PlaceArtesia, California
Parents NameFather – David
Mother – Esther
Height5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight75 Kg (165 lbs)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlack
SiblingsRaquel, Michael
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameJessica Hernandez
Children NameOne daughter (Aria Rose)
ProfessionAuthor, Evangelist, Youtuber, and TV Host
David Diga Hernandez Net Worth $1 million
David Diga Hernandez Net Worth and David Diga Hernandez Bio

David Diga Hernandez Website, Instagram, and Other Social Media Profiles

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David Diga Hernandez WebsiteClick Here
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David Diga Hernandez YoutubeClick Here
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David Diga Hernandez Ministry

David’s initial involvement in ministry was as a “Song Flipper.” He ensured the congregation had song lyrics before digital technology.

He conducted secret miracle services at his school and participated in missions with his youth group. Attending both a Charismatic Church and a Baptist School shaped his foundational beliefs.

In 2016, he authored two books, “Carriers of the Glory” and “25 Truths Concerning Demons and Spirit Warfare.” “Encountering the Holy Spirit,” released in 2018, became a best-seller. In total, he has written 12 books.

Today, David leads David Hernandez Ministries. It is an evangelistic network based in Southern California. His ministry vividly showcases the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

The Encounter TV network, part of his ministry, highlights David’s teaching and healing work. It also showcases Steven Moctezuma’s worship ministry. Programs include Word and Spirit, Viral Revival, Presence and Power, Worship, and more.

David maintains a blog, “David’s Blog,” offering weekly, Spirit-inspired insights. The topics include the Holy Spirit, healing, prayer, spiritual warfare, miracles, and God’s presence.

Within the ministry, the Holy Spirit School offers online courses. These courses aim to equip individuals worldwide to spread the gospel empowered by the Holy Spirit. The school merges sound biblical teaching with the power of the Holy Spirit.

David Diga Hernandez Net Worth
David Diga Hernandez Net Worth

David Diga Hernandez Net Worth

As of 2024, David Diga Hernandez net worth is estimated around $1 million. He has authored over 12 books in total, with most of them experiencing strong sales and high demand.

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David Diga Hernandez Books

David’s published works encompass titles like:

  1. “Carriers of the Glory” (2015)
  2. “Praying in the Holy Spirit” (2020)
  3. “Encountering the Holy Spirit” (2018)
  4. “How To Become A Friend of the Holy Spirit” (2019)
  5. “The Encounter” (2011)
  6. “Holy Spirit: The Bondage Breaker” (2023)

David Diga Hernandez Youtube Channel

Hernandez has built a notable online presence via his YouTube channel, which he began in September 2007.

He diligently shares religious content, captivating audiences with impactful messages. With 1,000+ videos, his total view count surpasses 140 million, a testament to his content’s impact.

His engaging videos have led to a remarkable community of 1.2 million subscribers on his channel. Through this digital platform, Hernandez inspires and uplifts countless individuals. He fosters spiritual growth and nurtures a worldwide community of believers.

FAQ – David Diga Hernandez Net Worth

What is David Diga Hernandez net worth?

David Diga Hernandez’s net worth is approximately $1 million in 2023.

Where was David Diga Hernandez born?

David Diga Hernandez was born on March 22, 1989, in Artesia, California.

What is the name of David Diga Hernandez’s children?

David Diga Hernandez children name is Aria Rose.

What is the name of David Diga Hernandez’s wife?

David Diga Hernandez wife name is Jessica Hernandez.

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