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Dive into the fascinating world of Erealist the Comedian, and uncover the intriguing story behind his exceptional journey. Explore the enigma of Erealist Net Worth and discover why this comedian, who speaks without words, is a rare gem in the comedy realm. Join us for an exclusive look into his extraordinary biography. Uncover the secrets, the laughs, and the net worth that define his unique place in the comedy universe. Don’t miss out on this captivating read!

Erealist Biography

Early Life – Erealist Age

Eddie Harris, also known by his pen name as Erealist, was born on September 27, 1987. Hence, according to his birthday, Erealist’s age is 36.

Where is Erealist from?

He was born in New York City, America. His mother was a teacher in public schools and his father was a dermatologist. His mother and father were not very wealthy. He and his family moved to Chicago, then Los Angeles, shortly after his birth.

He went to UCLA for college and received a sociology degree in 2009. He is also married to a mother with a child. The Comedian is a rare person in the comedy world. He is a comedian who doesn’t use words.

He was born to deaf parents and grew up in a society that didn’t have much knowledge about deaf culture or language.

Personal Life – Erealist Wife

He has a relationship with Kyeisha White, and the two of them have two kids together. Kyeisha White is not a well-known person, thus his Wife’s Instagram account is private. Don’t be confused with her name as an English R&B singer.

Erealist Uncle Daddy

His uncle is a comedian named Uncle Daddy. Uncle Daddy is known for his stand-up comedy and his appearances on the MTV show “Ridiculousness.”

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Career – Eddie Harris Erealist Net worth

When he was young, he began his career as a stand-up comic and soon discovered a passion for the stage. His ability to use humor in many contexts has earned him recognition.

In his twenties, he was introduced to comedy and decided to give it a try. His social media followers number over 500,000 and he has been featured on numerous TV shows.

He is an American comedian of Armenian descent, was born in New York City, and has lived there his entire life.

Erealist, the Comedian, is a comedian and writer. He also produces podcasts. His experience in the entertainment business spans over twenty years.

He also created “Real Talk with Erealist”, a podcast that interviews celebrities about their stories of success.

He first discovered comedy by watching comedians on TV at an early age. Then he began to take part in comedy competitions.

He was awarded the first prize in the Greenwich Village Comedy Contest Night 1 & 2, as well as other competitions such as “The Comedy Entertainer Competition”, hosted by The Nubian Disciples of Laughter (now The Minority Association).

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Erealist Songs

He has released several songs, including:

  • Party Tonight
  • Good Thang
  • Southern Soul Goat
  • Break It Down
  • Back to Basics
  • I’m On
  • The Come Up
  • The Struggle
  • The Grind
  • The Hustler
  • The Dreamer
  • The Believer
Erealist Net Worth and Bio
Erealist Net Worth and Bio

Erealist Bio-Data | Erealist Wikipedia – Age, Wife, Instagram and all

Real Name/Full NameEddie Harris
Also, some say Erealist Real Name is Eric Jamal White
Nick NameErealist The Comedian
Date Of BirthSeptember 27, 1987
Age44 years old
Birth PlaceBaker Hill, Alabama
Parents NameNA
Height5 feet 11 Inch
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Marital StatusMarried
WifeKyeisha White
ProfessionYouTuber, Comedian
Erealist Net Worth $300K
Erealist Net Worth and Bio

Erealist Net Worth – Erealist The Comedian Net Worth

The comedian is a well-known person. He is an inspiration to many people and has won many awards. The Comedian Erealist Net Worth is estimated at $300K.

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Erealist the Comedian Earns from Shows and Events

The comedian is known for his humor. Showbiz data shows that he has made $227,000 from his shows.

He earned $227,000 in the last year from shows and events. This figure is calculated by adding all of the revenue from various performances he performed in 2018.

This number does not include fees for sponsored videos or other projects.

As more people learn about him via his YouTube channel, which currently has 1,000,000 subscribers, his earnings are expected to rise next year.

he is a stand-up comedian who can take on many characters. He has performed with musicians and comedians.

Erealist Net Worth
Erealist Net Worth

Erealist the Comedian Earn from YouTube Channels

YouTube channels earn between $3 and $5 per 1,000 views. Let’s say that $4 is the middle.

He owns two channels, which together have more than 298K subscribers. The Jack Gang channel has received over 65 million views, while the E And Nik 4Life channel generated more than 10 million.

The two channels have combined made approximately $300K from YouTube ads revenue since their inception. $260K came from Jack Gang and $40K from E And Nik 4Life.

These figures do not include sponsorships or brand deals Erealist Da Comedian, Jack Gang, may have participated in. These can pay more than YouTube ads revenue.

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Erealist House

Being a comedian and musician, he formed Erealist House, a production company and record label. The company creates both original content from him and stuff from other authors. Music from him and other artists is also released by the “Erealist House”.

Erealist House is renowned for both its dedication to diversity and inclusiveness and its high-caliber content. The organization frequently uses Black and Brown creators and talent in its shows. The Production House is also renowned for its assistance to up-and-coming artists.

Popular programs created by the House include:

  • “When Uncle Daddy Buy You New House!”
  • “When Your Woman Lock You Out The House”
  • “When A Jehovah Witness Comes To Your House!”
  • “When You Take A Package From Your Neighbor House!”
  • “When Your Babymomma Put You Out Her House”

One of the most well-known content production firms in the Black community, Erealist House is a quickly expanding business. The business is renowned for both its original and imaginative content and its dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Erealist the Comedian Award And Achievement

The Comedian has received many accolades in a variety of categories. He has been awarded several degrees by prestigious universities around the world for his contributions to humanity. 

He is very lucky to have been awarded several notable honors by high-ranking officials including the President of America. He is often cited as one of the top human leaders.

He has also won several prestigious awards, which is something that gives him a lot of pleasure.

Erealist Instagram and Other Social Media Profiles

Erealist Net Worth Bio
Erealist Net Worth Bio
Social Media SiteLinked Destination
FaceBookClick Here
InstagramClick Here
youtubeClick Here
Erealist Net Worth & Bio Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Erealist The Comedian Net Worth

How did Erealist Da Comedian get so famous?

He is a social media comedian and content creator. He gained popularity through his comedy skits on YouTube and Instagram. His humor is unique.

How old is Erealist Da Comedian?

He is 44 years old.

Where is Erealist Da Comedian’s Current Home Town?

His current hometown is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where is Erealist from?

He is from Baker Hill, Alabama

How much is Erealist worth?

Erealist’s Net Worth is estimated at around $300k

Is Erealist married?

Yes. His wife is Keisha White.

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