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This article will delve into the “Franco Escamilla Net Worth” and the “Franco Escamilla bio”. Franco Javier Lopez Escamilla is a Mexican comedian.

Have you ever wondered about the incredible journey of Franco Escamilla, the multi-talented Mexican sensation?

Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this comedian, musician, actor, and philanthropist. We’ll also uncover details about Franco Escamilla’s early life, education, personal life, and his soaring net worth.

Introduction of Franco Escamilla

Franco Escamilla, born Franco Javier Lopez Escamilla on April 29, 1981, in Cuautla, Morelos, is a name synonymous with comedy and entertainment. Beyond his comedic genius, he’s also an entrepreneur, musician, TV star, and actor. While he’s primarily celebrated for his side-splitting stand-up comedy, he’s also a prominent comedic digital influencer.

Franco Escamilla Biography

Franco Escamilla Bio Net Worth
Franco Escamilla Bio Net Worth

Franco Escamilla Early Life

Escamilla’s journey began in Cuautla, where he was born to parents Javier and Irene Escamilla. After his parents’ divorce, he relocated with his mother to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, in 1997, alongside his older sister.

His education led him down an unexpected path. Despite initially studying criminology for three years, Escamilla decided to change course.

Before gaining fame as a comedian, he donned various hats, working as a chef, waiter, and even at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Franco Escamilla Education and Early Career

Escamilla’s career took off like a rocket when he ventured into comedy. His uproarious comedy shows catapulted him to stardom in Mexico and across Latin America. His “World Tour” named “Por la Anecdota” was a smashing success, selling out in major cities worldwide, including Los Angeles, London, Paris, Barcelona, and Tokyo.

One of his historic milestones was becoming the first comedian to perform at Mexico’s National Auditorium. He graced other prestigious venues, including the Arena Ciudad de Mexico.

In 2020, he etched his name in history as the first Latin comedian to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York. He joined forces with Gabriel Iglesias for an unforgettable show at the Staples Center, solidifying his status as a comedy heavyweight in Mexico and Latin America.

Franco Escamilla Career

Beyond comedy, Escamilla has made his mark in various creative domains. He’s released four specials on Netflix, each showcasing his comedic brilliance.

In addition to his comedy career, he took his first steps into the music world at Trovafest in 2016 and collaborated with the Argentine band Los Caligaris at the “Pa’l Norte” music festival in 2017.

He even recorded his own music album in partnership with Edgar Oceransky.

Television has also been a significant platform for Franco. He hosted “The Franco Escamilla Show” on Estrella TV and made appearances on Comedy Central episodes.

Furthermore, he’s the host of “La Mesa Renona,” a program featuring special guests like Gabriel Iglesias and John Milton.

On YouTube, his channel is a treasure trove of entertaining content, featuring programs like “La Mesa Renona,” “El Principe del Barrio,” “Tirando Bola,” “Follow Me on the Trip,” His group, “La Diablo Squad,” produced “Freestyle for Moles,” “Desde el Cerro de la Silla with Franco Escamilla,” and other songs.

Franco Escamilla Movies – Television Shows,Franco Escamilla Netflix

In two movies, Franco Escamilla plays a starring role:

  • “The Waiter”: A waiter is forced to become a superhero after witnessing a crime in the Mexican comedy movie “The Waiter” in 2021. Carlos, the waiter who plays the main part, is portrayed by Escamilla. Over $10 million was made by the movie in Mexico, and it was both critically and financially successful.
  • Eagle and Jaguar: The Legendary Warriors” : An animated Mexican action movie titled “Eagle and Jaguar: The Legendary Warriors” (2022) is about two Aztec warriors who must work together to defend their kingdom from a strong evil force. Jaguar’s voice actor is Escamilla. Over $50 million was made by the movie in Mexico, and it was both critically and financially successful.

Escamilla has additionally made appearances in several television programs, such as:

  • The Netflix comedy “Mr. Iglesias” (2020) is about a high school Spanish teacher. This is the Spanish coach who is trying to rebuild his life Joaquin Fuentes, a security guard at the school, was a recurring character that Escamilla performed.
  • Carlos Mencia was the subject of “The Comedy Central Roast of Carlos Mencia” (2011) on Comedy Central. Escamilla worked as a roaster.
  • Escamilla appears in the 2014 Mexican television program “Los Comediantes” along with other comedians.

Franco Escamilla Netflix

Escamilla has gained a large international audience because of the success of his Netflix specials. His stand-up specials are renowned for his sharp wit and frank views about life. He frequently discusses his own life, including his upbringing, family, and relationships.

There are four Netflix specials by Franco Escamilla:

  • 2017’s Monologos de la Vida Diaria by Franco Escamilla
  • Welcome to the World by Franco Escamilla (2019)
  • Franco Escamilla: In 2021, for the anecdote
  • Eavesdropping (Franco Escamilla) (2023)

His four specials are all currently accessible to stream on Netflix.

A Global Sensation

In 2018, Escamilla inked a deal with United Talent Agency (UTA), which now assists him globally in touring, film, television, and brand collaborations.

His “RPM” tour took him to multiple countries, including Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Israel, Dubai, Japan, and Argentina, alongside extensive shows in Mexico and the United States. Currently, he’s on his “Gaby” tour, scheduled from 2022 to 2023.

Franco Escamilla tour 2023

The “Gaby” tour that Franco Escamilla is now on will stop in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico on November 11, 2023 at the Auditorio Alfredo del Mazo. On November 12, 2023, he will also perform two gigs at the Teatro Gran Recinto in Tlalnepantla, Mexico.

There are currently no additional tour dates planned for 2023. Escamilla, a very well-liked comedian, regularly adds new tour dates all year round. It’s probable that he will soon release more 2023 tour dates.

Embracing New Challenges

2023 brought a new challenge for Franco Escamilla as he entered the renowned Spanish rap competition “FMS” under the alias “Lobo López.”

Personal Life – Franco Escamilla Wife

A Mexican actress and comedian named Gaby Ruiz is married to Franco Escamilla. They got married in 2018 and have two kids: a daughter named Isabella and a son named Franco Jr.

In her own right, Ruiz is a successful comedian and actor. The Mexican comedy series “La Culpa es de la Malinche” (2019) is one of the movies and TV shows in which she has acted. Escamilla’s comedy specials and other content are produced by the production company La Diablo Squad, which she co-founded.

In Mexico and throughout Latin America, Escamilla and Ruiz are a well-liked couple. They are frequently photographed together at open gatherings and on social media. They are renowned for their adoration and support for one another, and they frequently poke fun at one another in their comedic routines.

Franco Escamilla Net Worth and Franco Escamilla Bio – Data

Real Name/Full NameFranco Javier Lopez Escamilla
Nick NameFranco Escamilla
Date Of Birth29 April 1981
Age42 years old
Birth PlaceCuautla, Morelos, Mexico
Franco Escamilla Parents NameFather – Javier Escamilla
Mother – Irene Escamilla
Height6 feet 2 inches (186 cm)
Weight82 kg (180 lbs)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlack
SiblingsOne Sister
Marital StatusMarried
Franco Escamilla Wife NameGaby Ruiz
Franco Escamilla ChildrenTwo Children
ProfessionComedian, Entrepreneur, Musician, Tv Star, Actor
Franco Escamilla Net Worth$10-20 Million
Franco Escamilla Net Worth & Franco Escamilla Bio

Franco Escamilla As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Franco Escamilla WebsiteClick Here
Franco Escamilla FacebookClick Here
Franco Escamilla TwitterClick Here
Franco Escamilla InstagramClick Here
Franco Escamilla YoutubeClick Here
Franco Escamilla LinkedinClick Here
Franco Escamilla Net Worth Social Media Accounts

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Franco Escamilla Net Worth
Franco Escamilla Net Worth

Franco Escamilla Net Worth

Franco Escamilla’s net worth is projected to be $10 million as of 2023. His film and television roles, business enterprises, stand-up comedy career, and other endeavors all contribute to his overall net worth.

One of the most well-liked comics in Mexico and Latin America is Escamilla. Four Netflix specials he has produced have been viewed by millions of people worldwide. Additionally, he appeared in the movies “The Waiter” and “Eagle and Jaguar: The Legendary Warriors” (both from 2021 and 2022). He also runs his own clothing line, record label, and production company, making him a successful businessman.

The sum of Franco Escamilla’s assets is as follows:

Stand-up comedy: $5 million
Film and television: $3 million
Business ventures: $2 million

Escamilla’s net worth is anticipated to increase during the following years. He is a well-known and prosperous comedian who is just starting off in his career.

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Franco Escamilla’s journey from a small town in Mexico to international stardom is nothing short of inspiring. His talent, dedication, and diverse creative ventures continue to captivate audiences worldwide, making him a true icon in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a fan of his comedy, music, or freestyle rap, there’s no denying that Franco Escamilla is a force to be reckoned with.

FAQ – Franco Escamilla Net Worth

What is Franco Escamilla Born Name?

Franco Escamilla born name is Franco Javier Lopez Escamilla.

What is Franco Escamilla net worth?

Franco Escamilla’s net worth is estimated at $10- 20 million in 2023.

What is the age of Franco Escamilla?

Franco Escamilla is 42 years old.

What is Franco Escamilla’s born?

Franco Escamilla’s date of birth is 29 April 1981 in Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico.

What is the nationality of Franco Escamilla?

Franco Escamilla nationality is Mexican.

Who are Franco Escamilla Parents?

Nima Momeni has a father whose name is Javier Escamilla, and a mother whose name is Irene Escamilla.

What is Franco Escamilla wife name?

Franco Escamilla wife name is Gaby Ruiz.

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