Hisam Goueli Net Worth | Hisam Goueli Bio, Nationality, Psychiatrist, and Personal Life, The Meme King’s Secrets in BB 25

In this article, we are going to explore Hisam Goueli Net Worth and Goueli Bio. Hisam Goueli is an experienced Geriatrician Physician, and performer from Seattle, Washington.

He is the only Gay Contestant among the 17th houseguests of Big Brother US. He is considered as Meme king of the show. He has gained popularity by appearing in “Big Brother” Season 25 show on the CBS TV network.

Hisam Goueli Bio

Hisam Goueli is a Geriatric physician who reached the Big Brother house as a contender in the prestigious Big Brother 25 (USA) Season.

In addition, he is a performer, a renowned representative on the Seattle City Council in Washington, a psychiatrist who is the founder of Doctors In Politics, and a reality TV star.

He is the most handsome and fit guy in the house Big Brother show. As well as Hisam is the one and only man on the BB25 who has identified as LGBTQ+. Nonetheless, Hisam quickly established himself as a fan favorite Entertainer and meme king during the season 25 opening episode.

Hisam Goueli is still an appreciated personality who made a significant contribution to the healthcare field of mental health during the COVID-19 crisis, in spite of the controversy.

Hisam Goueli Parents

Dr. Hisam Goueli was born and raised on March 14, 1978, in Minneapolis and Madison, Washington and he is 45 years old.

Hisam Goueli’s parents are Said Goueli (father) and Goman Sharara (mother). He has a brother. He doesn’t reveal anything about his brother.

Hisam Goueli Nationality and Ethnicity

Hisam Goueli, an American citizen, has Egyptian ancestry and a family background rooted in Egypt.

His parents’ traditions and Islamic beliefs significantly shaped his upbringing and outlook, reflecting his personal experiences and family history, and shaping his cultural identity.

Hisam Goueli Education

Goueli went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s medical school and spent significant time in psychiatry.

He acquired a Doctor of Medicine(2000 – 2004) and he also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (1996 – 2000) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Hisam Goueli Early Life

Hisam Goueli Performer

In childhood, His parents supported their children through auditions, fundraising, and coupon books. Passing through many auditions Goueli performed the scripted theatre, then burlesque passionately.

Seattle Vice’s naked actor, Goueli, gained body acceptance through performing in 2013 and has since appeared at the Boylesque Festival and Can Can, exploring issues of sexuality and technology.

He is a Board Member of Theatre Off Jackson in the International District.

Hisam Goueli in Polity

Hisam Goueli was a candidate for Position 8 on the Seattle City Council in Washington. On August 1, 2017, Goueli was defeated in a primary election.

He took part in Ballotpedia’s 2017 survey of municipal government candidates.

Hisam Goueli Job

Dr. Hisam Goueli specializes in  Family Medicine and Neuropsychiatry in Seattle, WA, and has over 19 years of medical experience. He has connections to several hospitals, including Northwest Hospital, and has accepted a position as the head of a psychiatry program at the University of Washington’s Northwest Hospital and Medical Center.

Goueli stated that throughout his period at the hospital, he saw patients’ average duration of stay treble, from 10-14 days when he started to 40 days currently. He visits 27 patients a day, he added, 20 of whom are usually homeless, and many of them are bankrupt due to medical costs.

Dr. Goueli additionally serves as the founder of Doctor in Politics. In 2002, he launched a campaign to find doctors to run for Congress. The organization’s mission is to build a strong coalition of ambassadors, volunteers, and donors to campaign for a healthcare system that prioritizes patients.

Personal Life: Hisam Goueli Partner

Goueli’s personal life is also full of fascinating information. It was revealed that he is Gay and his partner is a Peruvian named Roberto. They reside together in Seattle, Washington, with an adopted Golden Retriever named Evita. Dr. Goueli is not married.

Hisam Goueli Net Worth and Hisam Goueli Age, Height, Wight, Nationality, Partner and Bio

Real Name/Full NameHisam Goueli
Date Of BirthMarch 14, 1978
Age45 years.
Parents NameFather: Said Goueli
Mother: Goman Sharara
Birth PlaceMinneapolis, United States
HometownSeattle, Washington, United States
Height5 feet and 11 inches
Weight89 kg
SiblingsOne brother
Marital StatusUnmarried
ProfessionGeriatric Physician, Performer and Popular television personality.
Hisam Goueli Net Worth$2 million
Hisam Goueli Net Worth and Hisam Goueli Bio
Hisam Goueli Net Worth and Bio
Hisam Goueli Bio – Hisam Goueli Net Worth

Hisam Goueli Journey in Big Brother 25

Hisam Goueli, the Head of Household on Big Brother season 25, faced controversy and resilience. Despite being compared to a dictatorship by fellow housemates, he defended his approach, drawing parallels to his role as a doctor. Despite the controversies, Hisam became a celebrated figure among viewers.

  • During week two of Big Brother 25’s season 25, Hisam Goueli won Head of Household and Veto Power.
  • He was voted out “Big Brother US” by an 11-0 vote on Thursday night. On Day 23, he was evicted by Cameron Hardin, while Felicia Cannon backdoored her former alliance member, Jag Bains.

Hisam Goueli Net Worth

He has achieved notable financial success, earning an impressive net worth of more than $2 million as of 2023. Hisham has managed to acquire a respectable financial position through his hard work and successes, which shows dedication and achievements in many aspects of life.

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Hisam Goueli Instagram and Other Social Media Links

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Hisam Goueli Social Media Presence
Hisam Goueli Net Worth - Hisam Goueli Bio
Hisam Goueli Net Worth – Hisam Goueli Bio

Hisam Goueli Instagram

As of October 2023, Dr. Goueli had more than 14,000 followers on his Instagram handle, @hisam.goueli, where he is always active.

Hisam Goueli Interesting facts

  • American citizen Hisam Goueli was raised in Egypt and had Egyptian ancestry.
  • He gained fame following his appearance on the 25th season of Big Brother US.
  • He performs as a cabaret and burlesque dancer in his leisure time.
  • He is the only LGBTQ+ participant who was identified among the 17th houseguests of Big Brother US.
  • He was recognized as a Fan-favourite and meme king of BB 25.

Conclusion About Hisam Goueli

Hisam Goueli, a renowned Psychiatrist, is a confident, smart, fit, Gay, Arab, Muslim man with a net worth of over $2 million due to his participation in Big Brother 25, personal and professional activities, and his strategic thinking, assertiveness, and adaptability. Despite criticism for his behavior and judgments, he remains a well-liked individual in the American health sector.

FAQ – Hisam Goueli Net Worth And Hisam Goueli Bio

Is Hisam from Big Brother really a doctor?

Yes. He is a renowned Psychiatrist in Seattle, Washington.

Is Hisam Goueli from Big Brother Season 25 Gay?

Indeed He is. Speaks honestly about his sexual orientation and cultural identity, displaying self-assurance and sincerity in his life’s path.

Why did Hisam Goueli Enter Big Brother Season 25?

Hisam Goueli entered Big Brother season 25 to address trust issues and self-improvement.

Did Hisam get voted out of Big Brother?

Felicia Cannon, an opponent houseguest, astonished Hisam, leading to his third consecutive unanimous vote out of the house.

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