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This article will delve into “Meekah Net Worth” and the “Meekah Bio”. Meekah is a renowned figure in the YouTube industry. Kaitlin Becker gained fame as Meekah.

She played the role of the close companion of Blippi in popular YouTube kids’ shows. Her popularity led to her own YouTube channel, merchandise line, and a partnership with Netflix.

Introduction of Meekah | Meekah Bio

Meekah, whose actual name is Kaitlin Becker, is a well-known YouTuber. She is recognized for producing educational content for kids. She has a thriving career as a YouTube educator.

Meekah has recently signed a lucrative three-year deal with Netflix. The deal is valued at $30 million. This has significantly increased her overall wealth.

Meekah Early Life | Meekah Family

Meekah was born on February 2, 1984, in Villa Hill, Northern Kentucky. She is of American nationality. His parent’s names are not known. Her biological father is African American. Her mother is white.

However, she didn’t maintain a connection with her biological father or that side of the family. Kaitlin’s mother remarried when she was 6. Her stepfather is a white man. The couple had three children together, who are her half-siblings.

Meekah Education

Kaitlin completed her high school education at Beechwood High School in Ft. Mitchell, KY in 2002. She’s the eldest of four siblings. She earned her BFA in Musical Theatre from Northern Kentucky University.

Meekah Personal Life | Meekah Relationships

Kaitlin Becker is presently married to Kelly Martin, her partner. They got married in September 2011. Celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary, Kaitlin wrote, “Happy 9 years of marriage @kelwcu! One of the easiest and best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Meekah Net Worth Bio, Meekah Wikipedia, Age, Actress, Youtube - Kaitlin Becker Net Worth Bio, Kaitlin Becker Wikipedia, Age
Meekah Net Worth Bio, Meekah Wikipedia, Age, Actress, Youtube – Kaitlin Becker Net Worth Bio, Kaitlin Becker Wikipedia, Age

Meekah Career

Meekah Actress | Meekah Youtube | Meekah Netflix Career

Kaitlyn Baker, better known as Mika from the popular children’s show Blippy, Has a significant online presence. Especially on YouTube and various social media platforms.

Meekah’s character plays a pivotal role in a live-action preschool program. This program revolves around Blippi’s best friend. She made her first appearance on Blippi’s YouTube channel as a supporting character. Her presence quickly attracted a dedicated following.

She became part of the Amazon spin-off series “Blippi’s Treehouse.” She also joined the official “Blippi” TV series, both of which premiered in 2021. Additionally, Meekah featured prominently in the 2023 movie “Blippi’s Big Dino Adventure.”

In 2022, a Meekah-focused YouTube channel was introduced It emphasizes educational content for children. It currently boasts over 100,000 subscribers. Meekah also maintains a dedicated Instagram account with nearly 20,000 followers.

Moreover, he made his debut with the series “Micah” on Netflix. It was approved in 2022. The series consists of 28 episodes Although Meekah is the lead character, Blippi occasionally makes cameo appearances.

Renewal of the series for the next season has been confirmed in August 2023. She was influenced by its massive popularity. Kaitlin Becker also recognized as Meekah, generates income from multiple sources.

His primary income stream comes from his YouTube channel. Where he capitalizes on ad revenue and viewership of his videos. He also earns from merchandise sales, a common source of income among YouTubers and children’s show characters. They offer products to their fans.

Moreover, its collaboration with Netflix has expanded its financial opportunities. Thanks to “Bleepy” being accessible on streaming platforms.

In short, Meekah, or Kaitlin Becker, earns through YouTube advertising on various channels, Product sales, Collaboration with Netflix, and Sponsorship deals.

Meekah Net Worth | Meekah Bio | Meekah Wikipedia

Kaitlin Becker Net Worth | Kaitlin Becker Bio | Kaitlin Becker Wikipedia

Real Name/Full NameKaitlin Becker
Nick NameMeekah
Meekah Birthday
Kaitlin Becker Date of Birth
February 2, 1984
Meekah Age
Kaitlin Becker Age
39 years old
Birth PlaceVilla Hill, Northern Kentucky
Meekah Parents NameFather– NA
Mother– NA
Meekah Height
Kaitlin Becker Height
5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)
Weight61 kg (158 lbs)
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Meekah Siblings
Kaitlin Becker Siblings
Four Siblings
Meekah Nationality
Kaitlin Becker Nationality
Meekah Partner Name
Kaitlin Becker Partner Name
Kelly Martin
Meekah Marital Status
Kaitlin Becker Marital Status
Meekah Husband Name
Kaitlin Becker Husband’s Name
Meekah Children Name
Kaitlin Becker Children Name
ProfessionActress, YouTuber
Meekah Luxury Houses
Kaitlin Becker Luxury Houses
Meekah Luxury Cars
Kaitlin Becker Luxury Cars
Meekah Luxury Watches
Kaitlin Becker Luxury Watches
Meekah Net Worth
Kaitlin Becker Net Worth
$25 Million
Meekah Net Worth and Meekah Bio

Meekah Net Worth | Kaitlin Net Worth

As of 2023, Meekah net worth is estimated at $25 million. She is known for her thriving YouTube and educational career.

Meekah Net Worth - Kaitlin Becker Net Worth
Meekah Net Worth – Kaitlin Becker Net Worth

Meekah As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Kaitlin Becker As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Meekah WebsiteClick Here
Meekah InstagramClick Here
Meekah TwitterClick Here
Meekah YoutubeClick Here
Meekah LinkedinClick Here
Meekah Net Worth Social Media Accounts

Meekah Favorite Things | Kaitlin Becker Favorite Things

Read about the Favorite Things of Meekah beside the Meekah Net Worth
Read about the Favorite Things of Kaitlin Becker beside the Kaitlin Becker Net Worth
Favorite Actor:- Denzel Washington
Favorite Singer:- Taylor Swift
Favorite Movie:- Black Panther
Favorite Food:- Machaca
Favorite Holiday:- Moscow, Russia

Meekah Net Worth & Bio : Favorite Things

FAQ – Meekah Net Worth

What is Meekah’s Real Name?

Meekah’s Real Name is Kaitlin Becker.

What is Meekah’s net worth?

Meekah’s net worth is approximately $25 million in 2023.

How old is Meekah?

Meekah is 39 years old.

What is the name of Meekah’s parents?

Meekah’s parent’s name is unknown.

What is the name of Meekah’s Partner?

Meekah’s Partner’s name is Kelly Martin.

What was Meekah’s date of birth?

Meekah’s date of birth is February 2, 1984.

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