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Since Nima Momeni does not appear to be a public figure with verifiable financial information, writing a post speculating about Nima Momeni net worth” could be seen as unethical. Hence, this article will focus on the content of Nima Momeni Biography. Nima Momeni an IT Consultant/Tech Entrepreneur from America, has been identified as a possible suspect in the demise of Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App and served as the chief product officer of a cryptocurrency firm called MobileCoin.

Nima Momeni Net Worth

Before discussing anything on Nima Momeni’s Net Worth, kindly understand these:

  • Nima Momeni gained notoriety for being accused of murdering a tech executive but was not previously a public figure.
  • As he does not have an established career, there is minimal public information available on his assets, income sources, or overall wealth.
  • Given his serious criminal charges, researching and reporting on his finances could be seen as unethical.
  • Estimating a “net worth” would be highly speculative without verifiable sources and facts on his financial and career background.
  • As someone accused of a heinous crime, he does not warrant the type of celebrity net worth profile you are looking for.

Hence, we shouldn’t rely much more on the internet stuff about his wealth accumulation. There are plenty of websites, which claim his net worth is around $5 million. But, according to our observation and understanding, as he couldn’t bail out himself from a murder case, he hardly had such a net worth. Nima Momeni has established himself as a flourishing entrepreneur and accomplished IT consultant. Hence, we believe Nima Momeni net worth should stand between $0.3 – $0.5 million as of 2024, though it could be seized by the Govt.

Nima Momeni’s wealth is on the rise as he has managed to amass a significant amount of money within a brief period, increasing his popularity.

Nima Momeni Biography

Nima Momeni is a California-based IT Consultant/Tech Entrepreneur who has been actively involved as a technical partner since 2005.

He owns a company called Expand IT, Inc., which supports diverse client markets such as healthcare, finance, tech/startups, manufacturing, and services.

Recent news reports have linked him to the murder investigation of Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App and MobileCoin’s chief product officer, whom Nima Momeni reportedly knew.

Nima Momeni Early Life

Nima Momeni was born in 1984 in Emeryville, California, United States to his parents Mr. Momeni (father) and Mrs. Momeni (mother).

He has a sister named Khazar Momeni, who owns a unit in the Millennium Tower building and is married to Dr. Dino Elyassnia, a plastic surgeon. Nima Momeni’s religion is Christianity.

Nima Momeni Education

As per the information on LinkedIn, Nima Momeni graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been the owner of Expand IT, an information technology consulting firm that he joined in 2010.

Nima Momeni Personal Life

There is no information available about the name of Nima Momeni’s wife, although it is known that he is married. Additionally, there is no known information about whether or not Nima Momeni has any children.

Nima Momeni Sister

Nima Momeni’s sister, Khazar Elyassnia, is a private person who has been thrust into the spotlight due to her brother’s murder trial. She is married to plastic surgeon Dr. Dino Elyassnia, and they have two children.

Elyassnia has denied having any romantic involvement with Bob Lee, the victim of the murder, and has said that she is devastated by the charges against her brother. Her testimony at Momeni’s trial, which is scheduled to begin in November 2023, could be crucial.

Nima Momeni Career

In 2005, Nima Momeni began his career as a system/network engineer. He was responsible for providing onsite and remote support to enterprise clients and managed overseas IT teams. He worked in the company for two years until 2007.

In 2006, he joined Coast Range IT and served there for seven years, providing local and remote support to SMB clients in the south bay area.

During that time, he also worked as a consultant at Diablo IT, SPOC, and other companies. As a consultant, he managed day-to-day IT operations and provided project management and full IT support.

In August 2013, he stopped consulting and started his own IT company, Expand IT, Inc.

The company comprises expert enterprise IT professionals who offer reliable and efficient technology solutions and cost-effective support services to SMB and enterprise clients.

Nima Momeni Net Worth
Nima Momeni Net Worth

Nima Momeni Net Worth and Nima Momeni Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameNima Momeni
Nick NameNima, Momeni
Date Of Birth1984
Nima Momeni Age39 Years Old
Birth PlaceEmeryville, California, United States
Parents NameFather – NA
Mother – Na
Nima Momeni Height5 feet 9 inches
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Nima Momeni Sister(Sister) Khazar Momeni
Marital StatusMarried
Nima Momeni Wife NameNA
ProfessionIT Consultant/Tech entrepreneur
Nima Momeni Net Worth$0.5 million
Nima Momeni Net Worth & Nima Momeni Bio

Nima Momeni Arrested

Nima Momeni, an IT consultant, and entrepreneur has been arrested on suspicion of murder by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office.

He has a criminal record dating back to 2011 when he was charged for allegedly selling a switchblade and driving with a suspended license.

While the switchblade charge was dismissed, he pleaded no contest to the driving charge.

The victim and Momeni knew each other and had driven together through downtown San Francisco just hours before the murder. The police have not yet revealed a motive for the stabbing.

However, a neighbor of Momeni said he appeared to be “unsettled” last week.

The police stated that the murder was not a robbery or a random attack and that the two got into an argument before the incident occurred.

Nima Momeni is set to be arraigned on a murder charge with a knife enhancement on April 14, 2023.

The police have stated that he argued with the victim before the murder occurred, and the circumstances surrounding the case are still under investigation. He will be detained without bail.

If convicted on all charges, prosecutors say that he could face a maximum sentence of 26 years to life in prison.

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Nima Momeni Charity Work

In addition to his professional pursuits, Nima Momeni has established himself as a philanthropist, generously contributing to various non-profit organizations that focus on addressing poverty, healthcare, and education through financial donations.

Nima Momeni Linkedin and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Nima Momeni FacebookClick Here
Nima Momeni TwitterNot Available
Nima Momeni YoutubeNot Available
Nima Momeni LinkedinClick Here
(The profile doesn’t exist anymore)
Nima Momeni Net Worth Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Nima Momeni Net Worth

Who is Nima Momeni?

Nima Momeni is an entrepreneur and IT consultant currently based in Emeryville, CA, USA.

What is Nima Momeni’s net worth?

As of 2023, Nima Momeni’s net worth is estimated at $5 million.

What is the nationality of Nima Momeni?

Nima Momeni’s nationality is American.

What is Nima Momeni’s hobby?

Nima Momeni’s hobby is traveling.

What is the age of Nima Momeni?

Nima Momeni’s age is 39 years.

Who are Nima Momeni’s Parents?

Nima Momeni has a father whose name is Mr. Momeni, and a mother whose name is Mrs. Momeni.

What is the name of Nima Momeni’s sister?

Nima Momeni’s sister’s name is Khazar Momeni.

What is the religion of Nima Momeni?

Nima Momeni’s religion is Christianity.

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