Sneako Net Worth 2024 | Sneako Height, Rumble, Age, Wife, Bio Career

This post is about Sneako Net Worth and Sneako Biography. Sneako is a renowned YouTuber from the United States. He is also known as Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy.

Sneako’s thought-provoking commentary has attracted a substantial following. His diverse perspectives have also contributed to his popularity. His passionate discussions span various topics like mental health and politics.

Introduction – Sneako Bio

Sneako is well-known in the US as a successful social media influencer and entrepreneur. He earns money through Instagram, his streetwear brand, and promotions.

Sneako’s videos are captivating, combining visuals and inspirational messages. As a result, he has gained a dedicated and sizable fan base.

Early Life – Sneako Age

Sneako was born on September 8, 1998. He grew up in Florida (Texas), USA. His father Mr. Balinthaji works as a businessman. He is now 25 Years Old.

Sneako Height and Weight

Sneako Height and weight are 6 Feet 2 Inches (188 cm) and 70kg.

Sneako Parents

His mother, Mrs. Balinthaji, is a housewife. He has one brother. But his name is not known.

Education – Sneako High School

Sneako completed his early education at a nearby elementary school. He then attended a local middle school for his further studies. After completing middle school, he continued his education at a nearby high school.

Upon graduating from high school, Sneako made the decision to pursue a career in content creation.
He opted for this path instead of pursuing higher education.

Sneako Personal Life | Sneako Wife

Sneako is currently single. He is prioritizing his career over romantic relationships. He has ample time to explore the romantic aspects of life in the future.

Despite being a popular YouTuber and social media personality, Sneako is not married and does not have a wife. Sneako has said that he is looking for a wife who is intelligent, independent, and supportive.

He has also said that he wants to get married and have children in the future.

Sneako was previously in a relationship with social media influencer Lilly Fofana. Their current connection status is unclear. Also, he was previously in a relationship with N3on, but the couple broke up in early 2023.

Sneako Career

Sneako began his career by sharing gameplay videos of “Call of Duty” with humorous commentary. He then shifted towards creating enlightening and motivational content.

During this time, he started making street interviews with controversial questions. In September 2018, one of his videos went viral, leading to a massive surge in subscribers from 30,000 to 130,000 in a single day.

Despite the appearance of overnight success, it took him six years to achieve that milestone. As a result, his videos gained increasing views.

Sneako previously worked for Mr. Beast but was let go after creating and later deleting a video exposing Mr. Beast. He has expressed regret over the incident.

Later, he launched the “One Minute Podcast,” recording outdoors and asking thought-provoking political questions.

This series contributed to the growth of his channel, increasing his subscriber count from 500,000 to 700,000.

Sneako Bio

Sneako Bio Sneako Net Worth
Sneako Bio Sneako Net Worth

Sneako Net Worth | Sneako Height, Age, Bio-Data

Sneako Real Name or Sneako Full NameNico Kenn De Ballinthazy
Nick NameSneako
Sneako Birthday8 September 1998
Sneako Age25 Years Old
Birth PlaceFlorida (Texas), United States of America
Sneako Parents NameFather – Mr. Balinthazy
Mother – Mrs. Balinthazy
Sneako Height6 Feet 2 Inches (188 cm)
Weight70 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Sneako SiblingsOne Brother
Sneako ZodiacVirgo
Sneako GirlfriendLilly Fofana (Ex)
Sneako Marital StatusUnmarried
Sneako Wife NameNA
Sneako ProfessionYoutuber, TikToker, Instagrammer and Social Media Personality
Sneako Net Worth $2.5 Million
Sneako Net Worth and Sneako Bio

Sneako Twitter and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Sneako FacebookNot Available
Sneako TwitterClick Here
Sneako InstagramClick Here
Sneako YoutubeClick Here
Sneako LinkedinNot Available
Sneako Twitter and other Social Media Accounts

Sneako Net Worth

Sneako net worth has amassed around $2.5 million. Sneako has achieved his net worth through multiple income sources. These sources include YouTube, vlogs, podcasts, and other ventures.

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Sneako Net Worth
Sneako Net Worth

Sneako YouTube Channel

Sneako enjoyed great success as a YouTube content creator. He accumulated more than 1.28 million followers before being banned.

His comedy channel, SNEAKO, has attracted 1.21 million subscribers. It was launched on April 29, 2013, in the United States. According to Social Blade, Sneako’s main channel earned between $678 and $10.9K per month.

The website also reports annual earnings ranging from $8.1K to $130.3K.The website also highlights his consistent monthly average of 2.714 million views until his termination.

Here are some of Sneako’s most popular videos:

  • “The Biggest Lie in the Fitness Industry” (over 10 million views)
  • “The Truth About the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Fight” (over 5 million views)
  • “I Spent a Day with a Pick-Up Artist” (over 4 million views)
  • “The Truth About the Chris Brown vs. Rihanna Domestic Violence Case” (over 3 million views)
  • “The Truth About the Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul Wedding” (over 3 million views)

Sneako Rumble

Sneako Rumble is a new streaming platform that is shaking up the industry with its commitment to free speech. It is a heaven for creators who have been banned from other platforms for their controversial views. While Sneako Rumble has been praised for its commitment to free speech, it has also been criticized for hosting creators who promote hate speech and misinformation.

Some notable creators other than Sneako who stream on Sneako Rumble include:

  • Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and controversial social media personality
  • Bradley Martyn, a bodybuilder and YouTuber
  • N3on, a model and social media personality

Despite the criticism, Sneako Rumble is quickly gaining popularity among viewers who are looking for an alternative to mainstream streaming platforms. It is a platform where creators can be themselves and speak their minds without fear of censorship.

Sneako Controversy

Following a remark by YouTuber D’Angelo Wallace, Sneako retaliated. Under his name, he unveiled a video called “FORCING MYSELF TO WATCH D’ANGELO WALLACE.”

In this video, Sneako watched Wallace’s “Influencer-19” video. Wallace criticized influencers for partying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the video, Sneako taunted Wallace. He used derogatory language. He accused him of being envious of not being invited to the parties.

Prior to this incident, Sneako had posted tweets downplaying the severity of the pandemic. D’Angelo chose not to respond to Sneako’s video.

On March 18th, 2021, YouTuber Kuncan Dastner uploaded a video. The video discussed the feud between the two.

Sneako Favorite Things

Read about the Favorite Things of Sneako beside the Sneako Net Worth
Favorite Actor:- Tom Cruise
Favorite Actress:- Alexandra Daddario
Favorite Food:- Starbucks, Pizza, French Fries, ice cream
Favorite Color:- White, and Black
Favorite Sport:- NBA and Golf
Favorite Place:- Miami Beach

Sneako Net Worth & Bio : Favorite Things

FAQ – Sneako Net Worth

What is the Real Name of Sneako?

Sneako’s Real Name is Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy.

What is Sneako’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Sneako’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million.

What is Sneako’s hobby?

Sneako’s hobbies are Playing Video Games, Photography, and Traveling.

What kind of haircut is Sneako?

Sneako haircut is Buzz Haircut.

What is the nationality of Sneako?

Sneako nationality is American.

How tall is Sneako?

He is 6 feet 2 inches tall

Where is Sneako’s birthplace?

Sneako’s birthplace is in Florida (Texas), United States of America.

How old is Sneako?

He is 25 years old

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