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Dive into the extraordinary story of Steve Glew, the former machinist who amassed a fortune by smuggling rare Pez dispensers, and uncover the intriguing details of ‘Steve Glew Net Worth‘ in this captivating account of his unconventional journey to success and the making of ‘The Pez Outlaw’ documentary.

Introduction of Steve Glew

Steve Glew, a Michigan-based machine operator, amassed a fortune through the illicit importation of rare Pez dispensers from Eastern Europe into the United States.

Additionally, he transformed his passion for collecting candy dispensers into a lucrative smuggling enterprise worth millions of dollars.

Recently, his exploits have been featured in a Netflix documentary titled “The Pez Outlaw.”

Steve Glew – Early Life, Education, and Personal Life

Steve Glew Bio | Steve Glew Net Worth
Steve Glew Bio | Steve Glew Net Worth

Early Life – Steve Glew Age

Steve Glew was born in June of 1950 and faced poverty during his upbringing in DeWitt, Michigan. As a teenager, he battled drug and alcohol addiction for several years. According to his birth information with Month and year, Steve Glew’s age is 73 now.

The identities of Steve Glew’s parents are not publicly known, his father owned a farm in Michigan and his mother was a homemaker.

Additionally, public records indicate that he had siblings, but their names remain undisclosed.

Steve Glew Education

Although there is a lack of information regarding his educational background, it is believed that Steve Glew obtained at least a high school diploma.

Personal Life – Steve Glew Wife

Steve Glew is a married man, and his wife’s name is Kathy Glew.

The couple has been married for several years, and throughout their marriage, Kathy has been a steadfast source of support for Steve through both the good and the bad times.

Together, they have two adult children, including Steve’s eldest son, Josh Glew, and another child Moriah Newman. Both of their children have started their own families and are enjoying their lives.

Steve Glew Career

As a teenager, Glew grappled with alcohol and drug abuse issues for an extended period. In his quest to escape poverty and secure steady employment, he began working as a machine operator in the 1990s. Additionally, he started a side business that brought in extra income.

During an earlier phase of his life, Glew sifted through garbage at a recycling plant in search of cereal boxes. He would then clip out the coupons printed on the boxes and collect any toys that came with them.

Over time, he amassed a vast collection of these toys, which he would eventually sell to collectors and at local fairs.

In 1992, Glew met a man who was selling PEZ dispensers and making a considerable profit.

He decided to source the dispensers from a Slovenian warehouse in 1994 and began smuggling them in bulk from Eastern Europe to the US.

Over the next 11 years, Glew earned a vast amount of profit and even struck a deal with a European executive from PEZ Candy Inc. to source liquidated dispensers.

However, after PEZ Candy Inc. cracked down on the black market, Glew designed 18 new prototypes and raised funds to manufacture them with the company.

He was able to sell them at $25 a piece, but the company replicated his prototypes and sold them at a much cheaper price, causing his business to crash.

Glew was left with considerable debt and tried to sell his brand-new PEZ dispensers with no success.

He started writing a blog under the name The Pez Outlaw and eventually offered book rights and movies for $750,000 on eBay.

He was contacted by Warner Bros for a movie deal, but it didn’t work out. However, Netflix later made a documentary about his life story and even produced a candy dispenser based on his alter ego.

A Texas-based 3D printing company manufactured various avatars resembling Glew, and the documentary “The Pez Outlaw” was released on Netflix in January 2023.

Steve Glew Bio

Steve Glew Net Worth
Steve Glew Net Worth

Steve Glew Wikipedia (Bio-Data)

Real Name/Full NameSteve Glew
Nick NameSteve
Steve Glew BirthdayJune 1950
Steve Glew Age73 years old 
Birth PlaceDeWitt, Michigan
Parents NameNA
Steve Glew Height6 Feet 3 Inches
Steve Glew WeightNA
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Steve Glew ZodiacGemini
Marital StatusMarried
Steve Glew Wife NameKathy Glew
Children(Two Children) Josh Glew, Moriah Newman
ProfessionMachine Operator, Smmugler
Steve Glew Net Worth $1.5 million
Steve Glew Net Worth and Bio

Steve Glew The Pez Outlaw

The romantic documentary film “The Pez Outlaw” features Steven Glew, Kathy Glew, Josh Glew, Mike Mitros, Katie Chrzanowski, Jon Hicks, Ridoyanul Hoq, Eric Leukert, and Jim Blaine.

It was directed, edited, and produced by Amy Storkel and Bryan Storkel and was released on October 21, 2022, in the United States.

The Pez Outlaw Awards

“The Pez Outlaw” received a total of 4 wins and 5 nominations for awards.

  • Nantucket Film Festival 2022 (Adrienne Shelley Excellence in Filmmaking Award)
  • SXSW Film Festival 2022 (Special Jury Recognition)
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 2022 (Best Documentary – Special Mention)
  • Freep Film Festival 2022 (Freep Film Festival Award)
  • AARP Movies for Grownups Awards 2023 (Movies for Grownups Award)
  • Calgary International Film Festival 2022 (Best International Documentary)
  • Cleveland International Film Festival 2022 (Nesnady and Schwartz Documentary Competition)
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 2022 (Best Documentary – Special Mention)
  • SXSW Film Festival 2022 (SXSW Grand Jury Award)

Steve Glew Net Worth

Over the course of 11 years, he generated $4.5 million in revenue by selling the dispensers on the black market.

According to him, he charged a small fee for the Netflix documentary, and he may be entitled to a portion of the royalties due to the film’s popularity.

Additionally, Glew increased the prices of his new dispensers after the success of the documentary on Netflix. As of 2023, Steve Glew net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

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Steve Glew Awards

In 2022, Steve Glew won the Special Jury Recognition Award for his acting in the documentary film “The Pez Outlaw.”

Steve Glew Social Media Information

Steve’s Instagram handle is “pezoutlaw” and he has 398 followers. On January 25, he shared a recent post on Instagram, mentioning that “The Pez Outlaw” had reached number 6 on Netflix, with the caption “Amy n Bryan Storkel just told me that The Pez Outlaw is now #6 I take it on all of Netflix.”

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FAQ – Steve Glew Net Worth

How much is Steve Glew worth?

As of 2023, Steve Glew’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

Where is Steve Glew’s birthplace?

Steve Glew’s birthplace is in DeWitt, Michigan.

What is the name of Steve Glew’s wife?

Steve Glew’s wife’s name is Kathy Glew.

Where does Steve Glew live?

He lives in Michigan

How old is Steve Glew?

He is 73 years old

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