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This article is about Scholly Net Worth and other information (Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth). Christopher Gray created Scholly, a US-based scholarship search platform available on the web and app.

It recommends scholarships based on a student’s personal qualifications, using parameters like gender, state, GPA, race, etc.

The platform provides a targeted list of suitable scholarships with links and deadlines to simplify the search process. I must disclose that “Scholly Net Worth” or “Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth” both are the same.

Scholly has one million users and has earned Gray a spot on Forbes’ 2016 30 Under 30 list of social entrepreneurs.

Introduction of The Scholly App

Scholly is an online application based in the US that guarantees scholarships to students. Its main purpose is to simplify the scholarship search process for undergraduates and graduates.

It uses AI technology to scan available scholarships and allows students to filter results based on various criteria such as due dates, scholarship amounts, and estimated amounts. It’s important to note that Scholly doesn’t provide scholarships directly.

Scholly Scholarship: Making the Dream of College a Reality

Scholly Scholarships is a revolutionary platform that is helping students achieve their dreams of college. By streamlining the scholarship search process and providing students with access to a wide range of scholarship opportunities, Scholly is making college more affordable for everyone.

Scholly’s unique algorithm takes into account a variety of factors, including GPA, extracurricular activities, and financial need, to match students with scholarships that they are eligible for. This saves students time and energy, and it helps them to find scholarships that they may not have otherwise known about.

Establishing the Scholly Company

After Christopher Gray’s personal experience with scholarships, he created a mobile app to simplify the college application process for students worldwide. He partnered with developers Nick Pirollo and Bryson Alef to create Scholly.

Launched in 2013, the app features legitimate scholarships that have helped thousands of students obtain relevant scholarships in minutes.

The platform creates customized lists of suitable scholarships based on criteria such as GPA, race, gender, and state.

Scholly helped students in Philadelphia receive over $9 million in scholarship funds within a year of its launch. To expand the app’s reach internationally, Christopher sought additional capital

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The Founder of Scholly

Scholly is a web application that provides relevant scholarships based on user recommendations and is considered one of the most promising platforms in this area.

The platform was founded by Christopher Gray, an alumnus of Ramsay High School in Birmingham.

In 2008, when Christopher’s mother lost her job due to the recession, he began searching for scholarships online to cover his tuition fees. He received a $20,000 scholarship through the Horatio Alger Scholarship program.

Christopher later partnered with web developers Nick Pirollo and Bryson Alef to develop Scholly.

Scholly App Shark Tank Bio

It is an application, hence, better if we can say we are explaining and evaluating the Scholly app’s net worth.

Scholly Scholarship App Details

Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth
Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth

Christopher Gray Scholly Net Worth and Other Information

Company NameScholly, Inc
FounderChristopher Gray, Bryson Alef, and Nicholas Pirollo
CEOChristopher Gray
Country of originAmerica
YearApril 1, 2013
IndustryEducation, University (Software Development)
Headquarters LocationPhiladelphia, USA
Company TypePrivate
Company size11-50 employees
Asked for Investement$40,000 for 15% equity in Scholly
Final Deal$40,000 for 15% equity in Scholly
ProductScholarship Application
Reality ShowsShark Tank (2015)
SharksLori Greiner and John Daymond
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Target MarketStudents
Business Status (2023)Active
Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth
Scholly Net Worth
$5 million
Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth | Scholly Net Worth

Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth | Scholly Net Worth

Scholly is a popular scholarship search platform. Scholly Shark Tank net worth (Scholly Net Worth) of approximately $5 million based on statistical studies.

The venue boasts more than 3 million daily users and has helped students secure over $100 million in scholarship money since 2015.

By simplifying the search for suitable scholarships, Scholly helps students and graduates focus on their studies without worrying about the financial burden of tuition fees.

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Scholly Net Worth
Scholly Net Worth

Scholly Before Shark Tank

Representing Scholly, Christopher Gray from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania enters the Shark Tank seeking a $40,000 investment for 15% equity.

As a student himself, Chris acknowledges the cost of college continues to rise each year, leading to students and parents taking out student loans to pay the bill, resulting in a large amount of debt.

However, scholarships are a viable option for students, yet they are challenging to locate. Each year, billions of college scholarship funds go unclaimed.

Scholly aims to solve this issue by making it easy for students to locate scholarships.

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Scholly After Shark Tank Update

Scholly, an app designed to help college students find scholarships, gained significant publicity after appearing on Shark Tank.

The app quickly rose to success, becoming the most downloaded scholarship app with over 850,000 downloads.

The price of the app changed from $0.99 to free after the Shark Tank episode. Today, the developers are working with actor Jesse Williams to create a feature that will assist students with their debt.

Scholly has helped students claim over $100 million in scholarship funds. The company keeps its annual revenue confidential to protect against competitors.

The Scholly Platform of Advantages and Disadvantages

Scholly is a prominent platform that offers educational scholarships to students, to link students from diverse backgrounds.

This article highlights the pros and cons of the platform.

The advantages of using the Scholly app are

  • Easy installation on your device.
  • Convenient features and interface to browse multiple scholarships.
  • Ability to save scholarships within the app for future reference.

The disadvantages of using the Scholly app are:

While using the Scholly app comes with many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to keep in mind. Firstly, a stable internet connection is essential to avoid connectivity errors.

Additionally, students need to be careful when searching for the app, as many mistakenly log in to a similar-sounding app called ‘Scholarly Scholarships.’

This can lead to scams and financial risks, so it’s important to double-check the app’s name to ensure you are accessing the legitimate Scholly app and receiving legitimate scholarships.

Scholly Shark Tank As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

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Scholly Shark Tank WebsiteClick Here
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List of Other Scholarship Applications

Below are some alternative scholarship apps to Scholly:

  • RaiseMe
  • ScholarshipOwl
  • PLEXUSS College Admission Help 
  • app
  • College Scholarship Calculator 
  • Fastweb College Scholarships 
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • College Hunch

FAQ – Scholly Shark Tank Net Worth | Scholly Net Worth

Who is the CEO of Scholly?

The Scholly CEO is Christopher Gray.

Who invested in Scholly?

Scholly Shark Tank followed by successful investments from Daymond John and Lori Greiner.

What is Scholly Shark Tank’s net worth?

As of 2023, Scholly Shark Tank’s net worth of approximately $5 million.

What is Scholly the founder’s net worth?

As of 2023, Scholly the founder’s net worth is $20 million.

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