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This article is about Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth and his biography. Jonathan Shuttlesworth is an evangelist who founded Revival Today. This ministry aims to reach lost and suffering people with the Gospel.

Introduction of Jonathan Shuttlesworth

Since May 2002, Jonathan Shuttlesworth and Adalis Shuttlesworth have been full-time preachers of The Gospel. Revival Today was established in 2007 to reach those who have not heard the gospel.

Jonathan has traveled extensively over the past 15 years in North America, India, and the Caribbean. He also spent time in Central and South Africa. 

Revival Today TV launched on mainstream TV in 2013. It broadcasts almost every day in the United States and across Africa.

Jonathan has been conducting open-air crusades, outreaches, and other activities since 2015 to win the loss. 

Revival Today is a ministry that is devoted to the poor. All nations are ripe for revival – and we are determined to be a great part of it!

Adalis and Jonathan Shuttlesworth, evangelists, offer biblical teachings on faith, healing, prosperity, and how to live a victorious lifestyle.



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Jonathan Shuttlesworth Bio
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Bio

Revival Church Beliefs

The Bible, the infallible Word of God, is inspired by the Holy Spirit and has all the answers to man’s problems.

He desires that He reaches out to the poor, widowed, orphaned, and heal the brokenhearted.

One God exists eternally in three persons: God The Father, God The Son, and God’s Holy Spirit.
God is Love, and He loves everyone.

The man was created in God’s image but is separated from God through sin. We cannot have a relationship with God without Jesus Christ.

Through salvation, God’s gift to mankind, we can have a personal relationship and relationship with God.

It is not something we do but is only possible through God’s unearned favor. Confess sins. Believe in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Accept Him as Lord. Enjoy eternity with God.

As a way for believers to be identified with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, we believe in water baptism as Jesus taught it.

God has given the Baptism for the Holy Spirit as a gift. He empowers the believer to become Christ-like and live in God’s will daily.

All believers are given spiritual gifts by God. These gifts are intended to strengthen God’s Church (the Church) as well as prove God’s power and existence to the unbelievers. Today, the gifts of God are relevant and active.

Sanctification refers to the continuous process of allowing God’s character to develop in us.
Through Jesus Christ, the Healer, divine healing is available in people’s lives today. The healing process includes spiritual, mental, and physical restoration.

Hell is a real place, according to the Bible. It is a place where there is suffering, and it can be a place where you will never see God again if you don’t accept Christ.

God desires that no one should be separated from Him forever, which is why He sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth.
Jesus will return to take all who have accepted Him and be with Him forever.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Biography

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Bio Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Bio Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Age

He was born on April 15, 1983. Hence, according to his birthday, presently Jonathan Shuttleesworth’s age is 41.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Real Name

There is not much difference between his real name and known name. Jonathan’s real or full name is Jonathan Corbet Shuttlesworth.

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Jonathan Shuttlesworth Parents

Tiff Shuttlesworth is the father of Jonathan Shuttlesworth, who is also a well-known evangelist and has been in ministry for over four decades. His mother’s name is Judy Shuttlesworth, she has also appeared as a special guest on one of his podcasts

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Wife (Personal Life)

He is married. Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s wife’s name is Adalis Shuttlesworth. They are full-time preachers of The Gospel.

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Jonathan Shuttlesworth Car Accident

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Car accident happened in 2014. Following a harrowing car accident, he faced a dire prognosis from experts who believed he would be permanently crippled.

His injuries were severe, leaving his eyes and brain swollen shut. However, against all odds, he made an astonishing recovery and now enjoys a remarkable state of well-being.

He attributes his healing to his faith in Jesus, finding profound peace both in his mind and in the restoration of his eyesight. He is immensely grateful for this miraculous turnaround and offers heartfelt thanks for the blessings he has received.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Wikipedia (Bio-Data)

Real Name/Full NameJonathan Corbet Shuttlesworth
Nick NameJonathan Shuttlesworth
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Date Of BirthApril 15, 1983
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Age40
Birth PlaceNA
Parents NameFather – Tiff Shuttlesworth
Mother – Judy Shuttlesworth
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Jonathan Shuttlesworth ReligionChristian
Marital StatusMarried
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Spouse NameAdalis Shuttlesworth
Children NameOne Daughter (Name not available)
Son (whose name is Camila)
Jonathan Shuttlesworth ProfessionSocial Influencer, Christian Pastor
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth $ 2.6 M – $ 15 M
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth and Bio

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth and Bio
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth and Bio

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth is estimated at $ 2.6 M – $ 15.6 M. He earns from various income streams.

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Jonathan Shuttlesworth YouTube Channel

It was launched 13 years ago. There are 2674 videos uploaded to it. You can see the estimated earnings on YouTube for Jonathan.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Web Jonathan Shuttlesworth net worth, income, and estimated earnings on YouTube channel, Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s income. I refused to appear on camera or record.

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He said that he would practice social distancing. Jonathan Shuttleworth’s net worth, income, and estimated earnings on the YouTube channel, Jonathan net worth.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s net worth, income, and estimated earnings on his YouTube channel. This is an excellent testimony about a spinal injury. I refused to be recorded or photographed.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth Twitter – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Jonathan Shuttlesworth FaceBookClick Here
Jonathan Shuttlesworth InstagramClick Here
Jonathan Shuttlesworth TwitterClick Here
Jonathan Shuttlesworth YoutubeClick Here
Jonathan Shuttlesworth LinkedinClick Here
Jonathan Shuttlesworth wikipediaN/A
Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth & Bio Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth

What is Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s net worth?

Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s net worth is estimated at $ 2.6K-$ 15.6K.

Which church is Jonathan Shuttlesworth a pastor in?

Since May 2002, evangelists Jonathan Shuttlesworth and Adalis Shieldsworth have been full-time preachers of The Gospel.

Revival Today was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to sharing the Gospel with those who have not heard it.

Where does Jonathan Shuttlesworth live?

Jonathan Shuttlesworth lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.

What is Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s Real Name?

Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s Real Name is Jonathan Corbet Shuttlesworth.

What is the Religion of Jonathan Shuttlesworth?

Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s Religion is Christianity.

How old is Jonathan Shuttlesworth?

Jonathan Shuttlesworth old is 40 years.

What happened to Jonathan Shuttlesworth?

Jonathan Shuttlesworth car accident in 2014.

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