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This post is about Jason Gutterman Net Worth and his biography. Jason Gutterman is the Amagansett Press Journalist. He’s an American photojournalist and First Amendment auditor and YouTuber.

Introduction of Jason Gutterman – Early Life, Education, and Personal Life

Jason Gutterman, a photojournalist who is also a First Amendment auditor, founded Amagansett Press.

It is one of the most popular YouTube channels that are based in the USA. YouTube sponsorships and advertisements generate significant income for the channel. 

Jason Gutterman Early Life

Jason was born in 1970, in East Hampton, USA. There isn’t much information about his parents. He lived a happy childhood.

He enjoyed spending time with his schoolmates and was active in many co-curricular activities. This activity made him smarter.

Jason Gutterman Education

Jason is educated, but he has not revealed any details about his education.

Personal Life: Jason Gutterman Wife, Children

Jason Gutterman is one of the happiest couples. He is married to Dulce Marie Gutterman, and they support each other throughout every moment of their lives and take long drives for fun.

Their family has two children. Jason is a wonderful husband and father, and Dulce is a great wife and mother. Both are hard workers who make sure their family is happy.

Jason Gutterman Career

Jason is well-known for his dedication and determination to get the best shot. He is one of the most well-respected photojournalists around the globe. He now has over 300k subscribers to YouTube.

Jason Gutterman, a professional photographer, and photojournalist have captured some of history’s most memorable images and videos. His work has been featured by major news outlets, and he is well-known on social media.

Amagansett Press

He was most well-known for his YouTube channel Amagansett Press, where he uploaded the first video under the title “Alan Alda At Kmart – POLICE CALLED- Security Fails To ID – First Amendment Audi 1. “

He started uploading similar videos to Amendment Audits after receiving a great response to his video. Jason loves street photography and video. You can see his YouTube channel.

He uploads at least two to three videos per week. His most-viewed video, “YOU’RE EVER ARRESTED – Turn the Camera Off – East Hampton Police, First Amendment Audit 47”, has over 4 million views.

His channel currently has more than 450K subscribers and he has uploaded more than 450 videos to his channel.

Jason lives in an RV full-time so that he can travel around the world and photograph. He has traveled more than 90,000.

His Patreon membership has been purchased by 12 people, who receive $161 each month. He also has a GoFundMe campaign for $20,000 under the name Help Keep Amagansett Press going. He currently has around $15,000.

Jason Gutterman Bio

Jason Gutterman Net Worth and Bio
Jason Gutterman Net Worth and Bio

Jason Gutterman Net Worth and Jason Gutterman Wife, Age, Height, Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameJason Gutterman(Amagansett Press)
Nick NameJason Gutterman
Date Of Birth1970
Jason Gutterman Age53 years old
Birth PlaceEast Hampton, USA
Jason Gutterman Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight75 kg
Marital StatusMarried
Jason Gutterman Wife NameDulce Maria Gutterman
Jason Gutterman Children Name2 children (Benjamin Gutterman), the other child’s name is not available
ProfessionFirst Amendment auditor, YouTuber, Photo Journalist
Jason Gutterman Net Worth $5 Million
Jason Gutterman Net Worth and Jason Gutterman Bio

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Jason Gutterman Wikipedia, YouTube, and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Jason Gutterman FaceBookClick Here
Jason Gutterman InstagramClick Here
Jason Gutterman TwitterClick Here
Jason Gutterman YoutubeClick Here
Jason Gutterman WikipediaNo wiki available
Jason Gutterman Net Worth Social Media Accounts

Jason Gutterman Net Worth

Jason Gutterman, an American photographer, First Amendment auditor, and YouTuber is Jason Gutterman. His income is mainly from YouTube Ad Revenue.

He also makes significant income through Patreon donations, sponsorships, and other sources. These sources all add up to his total wealth.

Jason Gutterman net worth in 2023 is $5 Million. Moreover, Jason Gutterman’s annual income is around $450K.

Jason Gutterman Net Worth
Jason Gutterman Net Worth

Jason Gutterman, Amagansett Press Journalist, Arrested

Gutterman, an acclaimed YouTuber, and a photojournalist were found outside the UPS Customer Center at 3305 Minnesota Ave. He was breaking the law.

Gutterman was asked by the mailman to stop shooting at the workplace. The problem was that Gutterman kept shooting the workplace before he went inside.

Gutterman was told by workers that he could not shoot them. He agreed. Gutterman and his child had taken the entire video. He was then taken into custody by police.

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Jason Gutterman Accident

If you are looking for the term “Jason Gutterman Accident”, then be sure that, it is a rumor only and has no base in this news.

Jason Gutterman Awards And Achievement

Jason Gutterman, a photographer of international renown, has captured some of the most remarkable images of all time. His work has won him numerous awards. 

Gutterman’s photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines all over the globe. He is one of the most gifted photographers of our time.

Jason Gutterman Tattoo

Jason has an impressive tattoo on his hand. It is quite famous among his well-known followers. People often search on the internet about Jason Gutterman Tattoo.

Jason Gutterman Bio at a Glance

  1. Amagansett Press Innovator: Jason Gutterman pioneered Amagansett Press, a YouTube channel known for unique content and First Amendment audits.
  2. Diverse Income: With 368K+ subscribers, Jason’s YouTube and sponsorships amassed a $5M net worth.
  3. Global Photo Recognition: Beyond YouTube, Jason’s photos are featured by major news outlets globally.
  4. Nomadic Explorer: Living in an RV, Jason has covered over 90,000 miles, capturing diverse stories.
  5. Freedom Advocate: Jason’s arrest sparked discussions on press freedom boundaries.
  6. Financial Success: Jason’s income streams from YouTube, sponsorships, and contributions have led to a substantial net worth of $5 million, reflecting his achievements and influence.

FAQ – Jason Gutterman Net Worth

Where was Jason Gutterman born?

Jason Gutterman was born in East Hampton, USA.

What is Jason Gutterman’s net worth?

As of 2023, Jason Gutterman’s net worth is estimated at $5 Million.

What is the nationality of Jason Gutterman?

Jason Gutterman’s nationality is American.

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