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This post is about Alexander Mercouris Net Worth and his biography. His YouTube channel, “Alexander Mercouris,” is his most well-known.

Alexander Mercouris Biography

Alexander Mercouris, London based a lawyer, writer, YouTuber, and international affairs analyst based in London, is the co-host of ” The Duran,” a popular online news channel.

Alexander Mercouris Age (Early Life)

Alexander Mercouris was born in March 1961. It is not known when he was born. According to his birthday, Alexander Mercouris’ age is 63 now. He is British and currently resides in London, UK. His family has been prominent in Greek politics over many generations.

Alexander Mercouris Family (Parents)

His mother, Alexia Stephanides Mercouri (1931-2018), is the daughter of Mary Alexander and Theodore Stephanides, and the granddaughter of a former British consul to Corfu.

Spyros Mercouris, his father (1926-2018), was an ex-member of the Greek partisans and a political activist, curator, organizer, and organizer of Europe’s first Capital of Culture Programme.

He was the brother of Melina Mercouri, the famed Greek actress. Alexander grew up with a brother Pyrhus Mercouris.

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Alexander Mercouris Education

Alexander Mercouris received his education in law. He attended Oxford University in England, where he studied law and earned a degree in jurisprudence.

Alexander Mercouris Wife (Personal Life)

Alexander Mercouris’ wife is Catherine Brown Mercouris. She is his longtime girlfriend, and they got married after dating for some time. Information about their children is not available in the public domain.

He shared once that he had fallen into depression at 46 years old. He used to work too many hours in a strenuous job. He was a legal advisor at London’s Royal Court of Justice.

This led to a very unhealthy lifestyle. He quit his job, fell into debt, and fell into suicidal depression. His condition was made worse by the negligence of the National Health Service

Alexander Mercouris Career

Alexander Mercouris is a British lawyer, journalist, and author. He is best known for his work as The Duran’s editor-in-chief of the news and analysis website.

He has worked as a barrister in London for several years. He later became a journalist, writing for various publications including The Guardian, The Independent, and The New Statesman.

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In 2015, Mercouris co-founded The Duran, which covers politics, economics, and current affairs from a pro-Russian perspective. As editor-in-chief, he has written extensively about Russia, the European Union, and the United States issues.

In addition to his work at The Duran, Mercouris has written several books, including “The Rape of Greece: The King, the Colonels, and the Resistance” and “Twilight Over England: The Failure of Neville Chamberlain and Appeasement.”

Overall, Alexander Mercouris is a respected commentator on international affairs, particularly in relation to Russia and the West.

Alexander Mercouris Bio

Alexander Mercouris Net Worth and Bio
Alexander Mercouris Net Worth and Bio

Alexander Mercouris Wikipedia (Bio-Data)

Real Name/Full NameAlexander Mercouris
Nick NameAlexander
Date Of BirthMarch 1961
Alexander Mercouris Age60 years old
Birth PlaceLondon, England
Parents NameFather – Spyros Mercouris
Mother – Alexia Stephanides-Mercouri
HeightNot Available publicly
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Siblings1 Sibling
Marital StatusNA
Spouse NameNA
ProfessionNews Host & Editor-In-Chief and YouTuber
Alexander Mercouris Net Worth $5 million to $10 million
Alexander Mercouris Net Worth and Alexander Mercouris Bio

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Alexander Mercouris Doing Now

He is co-host and editor-in-chief for the popular online news channel, “The Duran”, with Alex Christoforou. In March 2014, he joined The Duran. He owns a YouTube channel, which he named after himself.

The channel was launched on November 24, 2017, and uploaded over 1k videos. It has over 250k+ subscribers.

He uploads a daily video about Russia, Russian law, Ukraine, and other topics. His Twitter followers exceed 8k+ and his Facebook page has over 6k+ likes.

Alexander Mercouris Net Worth

Alexander Mercouris Net Worth in 2023 is $5 million to $10 million. He makes $30,000 monthly from YouTube ads, which is $360,000 yearly. This figure could change as the channel grows.

Alexander Mercouris Net Worth
Alexander Mercouris Net Worth

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Alexander Mercouris YouTube, and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Alexander Mercouris YoutubeClick Here
Alexander Mercouris PinterestClick Here
Alexander Mercouris Twitter Handle@AMercouris
Alexander Mercouris LinkedInHe is not active much on LinkedIn, though I found this Profile.
Alexander Mercouris Net Worth Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Alexander Mercouris Net Worth

Where is Alexander Mercouris, current resident?

Alexander Mercouris, current resident in London, UK.

Who is Alexander Mercouris?

Alexander Mercouris is a British lawyer, journalist, and commentator. He is the editor-in-chief of The Duran, an independent news website that covers politics, economics, and current affairs.

What is Alexander Mercouri’s net worth?

Alexander Mercouri’s net worth is $5 million to $10 million.

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