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Let’s dive into “Brenda Gantt Net Worth.” She used to be a teacher but now shines as a famous YouTube cooking sensation and beloved social media star. Get ready to explore her wealth and fascinating life journey!

Introduction of Brenda Gantt | Brenda Gantt Bio

After retiring from teaching, Brenda Gantt underwent a remarkable career shift. She went from educating children in classrooms to captivating thousands with her kitchen shows.

Presently, she endeavors to teach people cooking through straightforward tutorials on Facebook.

Brenda Gantt’s influence spans business, entertainment, and philanthropy. Her unwavering passion for success has made her prominent. Coupled with perseverance and determination, she is exceptional in her field.

Brenda Gantt Age (Early Life)

Brenda Gantt was born in Northport, Alabama, in 1947. So now Brenda Gant’s age is 77. At the age of four, she relocated to Tuscaloosa. Growing up in a small town, she learned the virtues of hard work and perseverance. Currently, Brenda resides in Andalusia, Alabama.

Brenda Gantt Education

Brenda Gantt completed her BA from a prestigious university. She then pursued her master’s degree from another reputable institution. Her academic career yielded impressive results.

She is passionate about helping others and sharing knowledge. She firmly believes that education is the key to success. Her goal is to aid people in reaching their full potential and realizing their dreams.

Brenda Gantt Husband (Personal Life)

Brenda Gantt and her husband George Patton had a wonderful relationship. It spanned 50 years since they got married in 1968.

On September 23, 2018, Brenda became a widow. Tragically, Brenda’s beloved husband, George Gantt, passed away at the age of 72. George and Brenda have two children.

Both of Brenda’s children are now married and have families of their own, resulting in Brenda having five grandchildren. Remarkably, Brenda’s grandchildren seem to inherit their late grandfather’s athletic prowess.

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Brenda Gantt Career

Brenda Gantt Bio Net Worth
Brenda Gantt Bio Net Worth

Brenda Gantt Former School Teacher

Brenda Gantt dedicated much of her career to teaching. She graduated from Tuscaloosa County High School in Northport. Brenda taught in the Tuscaloosa County School System for over 20 years.

Additionally, she spent six years teaching at Andalusia High School before retiring in 2016. Brenda thoroughly enjoyed teaching and engaging with her students, but she also had a strong passion for cooking.

Brenda Gantt Cookbook Author

Due to her popularity, Brenda Gantt received numerous requests from fans for a cookbook. With the assistance of her friend and editor Lisa Dampier, she decided to write one.

The cookbook is titled “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all.” It comprises over 200 recipes. These recipes reflect Brenda’s Southern heritage and cooking style.

It also features photos, stories, tips, and anecdotes from Brenda’s life. The cookbook is scheduled for release in November 2021 and is available for preorder online or by phone.

Brenda Gantt Cookbook Name

  • It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all (1st Book)
  • Linger Around The Table Y’all (2nd Book)

Brenda Gantt Social Media Sensation

Brenda Gantt began posting cooking videos on Facebook in 2018. Her daughter played a vital role, encouraging her to share her recipes online.

She had no idea that her videos would go viral and attract millions of fans worldwide.

As of 2023, Brenda Gantt boasts over 32K followers on Facebook. There are many groups on Facebook, and many people join for her recipes. She has amassed over 245K subscribers on YouTube.

She posts videos almost every day, showing how to make dishes such as chicken and dumplings, cornbread, potato salad, barbecue, peach cobbler, and more. She also shares stories from her life, gardening tips, and inspirational messages.

Brenda Gantt Net Worth and Brenda Gantt Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameBrenda Ann Hicks
Nick NameBig Mama
Date Of Birth1947
Brenda Gantt Age77 Years Old
Birth PlaceNorthport, Alabama, USA
Parents NameFather – NA
Mother – NA
Height5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
Weight79 kg (174 lbs)
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameGeorge Patton
Children NameTwo Children (5 grandchildren)
ProfessionSchool Teacher, Chef, YouTuber, Internet Personality
Brenda Gantt Net Worth $10 million
Brenda Gantt Net Worth and Brenda Gantt Bio

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Brenda Gantt Net Worth

As of 2023, Brenda Gantt net worth is estimated at $10 million. Brenda Gantt’s primary income sources are her Facebook and YouTube channels.

Her considerable number of followers on both platforms contributes to her impressive earnings. Brenda Gantt has a significant online following. Her Facebook page has over 3.4 million followers.

Her YouTube channel has approximately 160k subscribers. Many of Brenda Gantt’s YouTube videos have received over 200k views. Her most popular video has surpassed 300k views.

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Brenda Gantt Net Worth
Brenda Gantt Net Worth

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Brenda Gantt Cooking Process

Brenda Gantt’s cooking style embodies simplicity, authenticity, and deliciousness. She relies on fresh ingredients, often sourced from her garden or local farmers.

Instead of precise measurements, she relies on her instincts and taste buds.

Brenda isn’t confined by strict rules or recipes; she improvises and adapts to what’s available. Her kitchen tools are basic, using her hands, a knife, a cutting board, a skillet, a pot, and an oven.

Being resourceful, Brenda avoids waste, utilizing every part of the food and making creative use of leftovers.

Her cooking philosophy centers around love for food, family, and faith in God. Brenda sees cooking as an expression of love and cares for others.

Food, to her, is a unifying force that fosters cherished memories. She views it as a divine gift to be thankful for. For Brenda, cooking is an enjoyable and fun activity, not a source of stress or complication.

Brenda Gantt As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Brenda Gantt WebsiteClick Here
Brenda Gantt FacebookClick Here
Brenda Gantt InstagramClick Here
Brenda Gantt TwitterClick Here
Brenda Gantt YoutubeClick Here
Brenda Gantt LinkedinClick Here
Brenda Gantt Net Worth Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Brenda Gantt Net Worth

What is Brenda Gantt Born Name?

Brenda Gantt born name is Brenda Ann Hicks.

What is Brenda Gantt’s net worth?

Brenda Gantt’s net worth is approximately $10 million in 2023.

Where was Brenda Gantt born?

Brenda Gantt was born in 1947, in Northport, Alabama, USA.

How old is Brenda Gantt?

Brenda Gantt age is 76 years old.

How much is Brenda Gantt worth?

$10 million in 2023.

Does Brenda Gantt have cancer?

Yes, Breast cancer in both breasts.

Is Brenda Gantt still alive?

Yes, she absolutely feet and fine.

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