Chrisean Rock Net Worth: From Baltimore Streets to $2 Million Net Worth (But Is it Blueface’s Money?)

Sparkling with controversy and cash, Chrisean Rock’s $2 Million life explodes inside. From fiery raps to viral fights, uncover the truth behind a social media queen Chrisean Rock net worth.

Chrisean Rock Bio

Baltimore-born Chrisean Rock isn’t just Blueface’s fiery on-again-off-again girlfriend. This 24-year-old singer, model, and social media sensation has carved her own path to a $2 million net worth, sparking questions: is it all hers, or is Blueface’s fame fueling the fire?

Introduction of Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock Malone is also known as Chrisean Malone. Chrisean Rock is an American Instagram model, singer, and social media influencer.

She gained widespread recognition for her relationship with the rapper Blueface. Her media presence surged after a viral video showed her and Blueface involved in a physical altercation on the street.

Early Life

Chrisean’s story isn’t one of glitz and glamour. Raised in a turbulent family in Baltimore, she faced poverty and hardship, even losing her front tooth in a teenage brawl. Yet, her resilience shone through as she excelled in track & field and earned a Kinesiology degree.

Chrisean Rock Age

Chrisean was born on 14 March 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Now she is 24 as of 2024. She was raised in a family of 11 siblings. Growing up, she faced poverty and a turbulent family environment.

Chrisean Rock Height

Chrisean possesses a good posture. She is pretty tall and maintains a balanced weight properly. Chrisean Rock’s height is 5 ft 6 inches and weighs around 57 kg.

Chrisean Rock Parents

Her father was Eugene Arthur Malone. He served in the military. Her mother was Charla Malone. She was a homemaker.

Chrisean is the eleventh child in the family. She confronted numerous hardships. Her father had been incarcerated since her birth. Her mother battled drug addiction problems.

Chrisean Rock Education

Chrisean Rock attended Brainerd High School in Brainerd, Minnesota, for her early education. Following that, she embarked on a career in singing and modeling.

In 2018, Chrisean enrolled at Santa Monica College. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in 2020. During her time there, she also distinguished herself as one of the top track runners in her conference.

Chrisean Rock Husband | Chrisean Rock Boyfriend

Chrisean Rock is not married. She is in a relationship with American rapper Blueface. She gained media attention when a viral video showed her and her boyfriend involved in a public altercation.

On September 3, 2023, Chrisean Rock gave birth to a baby boy with Blueface. She even live-streamed the birth on Instagram, sharing the moment with her followers.

Chrisean Rock Bio Net Worth
Chrisean Rock Bio Net Worth

Chrisean Rock Music Career

In 2020, Chrisean’s raw vocals burst onto the scene with “Lonely.” While her five singles haven’t reached chart-topping heights, her music showcases a vulnerability and grit that resonates with fans. She’s not just Blueface’s arm candy; she’s a rising artist carving her own musical identity.

Apart from her breakout hit, she’s recorded four more singles: “Vibe,” “Word to My Brother,” “Vibes,” and “Rainy Days.” Her most popular song on Spotify is “Vibe,” boasting 1.2 million plays.

Chrisean Rock’s social media journey began around 2015, starting on Instagram. Her teenage fascination with modeling led her to pursue a career in it.

Throughout her modeling career, Chrisean collaborated with various fashion and beauty brands. She shared stunning photos on Instagram. Initially, she had fewer than a thousand followers.

However, her social media presence soared. This happened when it became known that she was dating Blueface, a renowned figure in the music industry.

Riding on his fame, Chrisean gained significant attention on various social platforms. Consequently, she continued to share modeling images and videos.

Social Media Stardom: With 2.1 million Instagram followers hanging on to her every story, Chrisean is a social media force. But beyond the glamorous selfies, she uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness, sharing her own struggles with anxiety and depression. This authenticity and vulnerability connect her with fans on a deeper level than just flashy pictures.

Beyond Blueface: While Chrisean’s relationship with Blueface is undeniably explosive, it’s not her only claim to fame. Her modeling career has seen collaborations with major brands, and her CEO role at The Blue Rock Network hints at entrepreneurial ambitions beyond the spotlight.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth and Chrisean Rock Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameChrisean Eugenia Malone
Nick NameChrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock Birthday14 March 2000
Chrisean Rock Age23 years old
Birth PlaceBaltimore, Maryland, United States
Chrisean Rock Parents NameFather– Eugene Arthur Malone
Mother– Charla Malone
Chrisean Rock Height5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)
Weight57 kg (125 lbs)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Chrisean Rock Tattoos Yes
Chrisean Rock SiblingsEleven Siblings (Terence Dorsey, Unique Dorsey, Sierra Dorsey,
Terine Malone, Eugene Malone, Tessa Manning Malone,
Obadiah Malone, Latifa Malone, Chastity Malone, and Petey Tucker)
Chrisean Rock BoyfriendRapper Bluеfacе
Marital StatusNA
Chrisean Rock Husband NameNA
Chrisean Rock Children NameOne Child
ProfessionRapper, Reality TV Star, Social Media Influencer
Chrisean Rock Net Worth$2 million
Chrisean Rock Net Worth and Chrisean Rock Bio

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

As of 2024, Chrisean Rock net worth is estimated at $2 million. She amassed her wealth from various sources. These include her Instagram fame, solo and collaborative music singles, and her YouTube channel. Additionally, she has her role as CEO of The Blue Rock Network and her modeling career.

So, how did Chrisean amass that $2 million? It’s a carefully crafted cocktail of income streams. Music royalties, brand deals, social media sponsorships, and even a cameo on Zeus Network’s “Baddies South” all contribute. But the real question remains: how much is Blueface’s influence inflating her net worth?

Chrisean Rock As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Chrisean Rock FacebookShe doesn’t have
Chrisean Rock Instagram@chriseanrockbabyy
Chrisean Rock TwitterClick Here
Chrisean Rock Youtube
Chrisean Rock Net Worth Social Media Accounts

Chrisean Rock Social Media Presences

Chrisean Rock launched her YouTube channel in February 2018. Initially, she posted vlogs, and at present, she has 175,000 subscribers. The most popular video on her self-titled YouTube channel is “Vibe,” amassing 7.9 million views. But at present this channel is not live.

Additionally, she’s a popular Instagram personality, sharing lifestyle vlogs and modeling photos. Chrisean has garnered 2.1 million followers on her Instagram account and twitter account.

Chrisean Rock has been known to take breaks from social media, but she usually returns after a short period. Hence, you may find very less followers on Instagram, but she kept the Twitter account live till now.

Chrisean Rock Net Worth
Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Chrisean Rock Tattoos

ChriseanRock uses tattoos to showcase her self-expression. She has accumulated ink on her neck, head, and face. Interestingly, six of these tattoos serve as tributes to her former boyfriend, Blueface.

What happened to Christian Rock teeth?

In an Instagram Live video, Chrisean shared the story behind her missing tooth. It all started when Jaidyn Alexis, an ex-girlfriend and baby mama of Blueface, provoked Chrisean.

This led to a physical altercation. During the altercation, Chrisean accidentally knocked out her front tooth when she hit a surface.

Conclusion on Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Chrisean Rock is more than just Blueface’s headline-grabbing girlfriend. She’s a talented artist, a social media savvy businesswoman, and a survivor who turned Baltimore streets into a $2 million empire. Whether it’s her music, her advocacy, or her entrepreneurial spirit, Chrisean is proving she’s the queen of her own destiny. Now, the question isn’t just “what’s her net worth?”, but “what’s next for Chrisean Rock?”

FAQ – Chrisean Rock Net Worth

What is Chrisean Rock Real Name?

Chrisean Rock’s Real Name is Chrisean Eugenia Malone.

What is Chrisean Rock’s net worth?

Chrisean Rock’s net worth is approximately $2 million in 2023.

What was Chrisean Rock’s date of birth?

Chrisean Rock’s date of birth is 14 March 2000.

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