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Discover the captivating rise of Feras Antoon — from engineering grad to $5M fortune! Explore deep into “Feras Antoon Net Worth“. Unravel his controversial past & current wealth through adult entertainment giants like Brazzers & MindGeek. Learn how this Canadian mogul faced adversities yet thrived amidst scandal headlines. #FerasAntoonNetWorth


Feras Antoon is a famous person worldwide. Feras Antoon is a Syrian-Canadian p_rnographer, and the co-owner and CEO of MindGeek, the world’s largest p_rnography company, which runs sites including YouP_rn and P_rnhub.

He created his first p_rn website in the early 2000s before co-founding Brazzers, which specialized in the MILF segment of p_rn distribution, which depicts s3xually attractive older women. He and David Tassillo later bought Manwin (MindGeek) from Fabian Thylmann.

Feras Antoon Net Worth

The man managed to make a lot of money despite all the scandals and bad stories he encountered over his 20-year career. He is now a millionaire. Feras Antoon Net Worth is estimated at $5 Million dollars. Antoon is now retired but the money is enough to provide a wonderful life for his family.

Despite controversies, his income sources include adult websites generating high revenue and increased traffic during the 2020 lockdown.

Business Ventures

  • Co-founded Brazzers in 2005, specializing in adult film production.
  • Sold his company to Fabian Thylmann for around $140 million before acquiring MindGeek with David Tassillo in 2012.

Controversies and Changes

  • Faced scandals and legal issues, leading to stepping down as CEO of MindGeek in response to accusations of child s3x abuse materials.
  • Implemented strict moderation and removed content from unverified accounts to address concerns

Feras Antoon’s journey from engineering graduate to building a multimillion-dollar empire showcases his entrepreneurial success despite challenges and controversies.

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Feras Antoon Biography

Early Life – Feras Antoon Age

Feras Antoon was a Canadian citizen who was born in Damascus (Syria) on 29 June 1975. Now he is 48 years old.

Feras Antoon Religion

He comes from a Christian family. He respects his religion.

Feras Antoon Parents

Feras Anton’s father’s name is Alex Antonitsch. But the mother’s name is not known. Mom and Dad aren’t very wealthy.

Feras Antoon Brother

He and his brothers were close as children and continue a close friendship to this day. MindGeek Vice-President Mark Antun is Feras Antun’s brother.

Feras Antoon Education

Feras Antoon started his education from the comfort of his home. His fundamental education was received at home. He then finished his pre-schooling.

He graduated from high school with a degree. He is a Montreal resident and graduated from Montreal’s Concordia University with an engineering degree.

He attended college while still in high school and it helped him tremendously in his professional career. He graduated from college.

He also learned a few things during his time in school that have made a huge difference in his life. Feras Antoon is a multi-talented individual who has helped him to get to where he’s at today.

Personal Life – Feras Antoon Wife

He is married to Nicole Manns. Nicole Manns is a Canadian of Greek heritage. Nicole is the daughter of George Manos and Louise LaBarge Manos.

Feras Antun and Nicole Manns have two sons. Feras Antun lives in Montreal, Canada with his family.

Feras Antoon Career

He graduated from college and founded Brazzers, the first p_rn site. MindGeek, which operates YouP_rn, P_rnHub, and other p_rnographic websites, was later established by him.

Feras Antoon is the net worth of his p_rnstar career. He is the CEO of MindGeek and also co-founded Brazzers, a p_rn site that specializes in MILF. 

His business ventures make up the bulk of his income. Mindgeek, which produces electronic games, is also his wife. 

With four Concordia engineering students, he also co-founded his first p_rn site. Banner ads make the site profitable and help Antoon increase his net worth.

Feras Antoon also has a large social media following which allows him to interact in a unique way with his followers.

Feras Antoon, a Canadian entrepreneur, co-owns MindGeek. MindGeek is the largest online adult tube site. He was born in Syria and holds Middle Eastern ancestry.

He also has a Concordia University engineering degree. MindGeek’s vice president is Feras’s dad. His net worth has steadily increased over the years. 

Feras Antoon has all the ingredients to be a top-notch entrepreneur.

Feras Antoon Net Worth and Bio
Feras Antoon Net Worth and Bio

Feras Antoon P_rnhub

In January 2011, commenting on paid and free (“tube”) p_rn sites, Antoon said, “I personally have one or two memberships, and I still go to the tubes.

Following his extradition from Belgium to Germany in 2012, on charges of tax evasion, Fabian Thylmann, the owner of Manwin (which changed its name to MindGeek in 2013) sold the company to its two senior managers, Antoon and COO David Tassillo, for a reported €73 million.

Antoon is the CEO of MindGeek (formerly Manwin), which is 2014 was described as a “p_rn monopoly”.

By 2016, the Autorite des marches financiers (AMF) in Montreal had executed search warrants and obtained cease-trade orders for 13 people, with allegations of insider trading including Antoon, David Baazov, Josh Baazov, and John Chatzidakis.

Conservative groups have been vocal in their opposition to the p_rnography website.

Lawsuits were filed alleging that MindGeek and P_rnhub violated federal laws against child pornography and federal s3x trafficking laws. 

The site’s videos allegedly showed people younger than 18 performing s3xual acts or being victimized.

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist, published a column shaming P_rnhub in December 2020. 

The Guardian reported that his column first praised P_rnhub’s good deeds (such as its donation to racial equality groups), but then he continued with his scathing critique: “Its site infested by rape videos.”

Kristof’s column put a spotlight on P_rnhub and its performers.

Soon, credit card companies Visa & Mastercard stopped using their cards on the site. P_rnhub was forced to remove thousands of videos from unidentified users and to improve its content moderation.

He is a famous person on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Feras Antoon Net Worth and Feras Antoon Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameFeras Antoon
Nick NameFeras
Date Of Birth29 June 1975
Age48 years old
Birth PlaceDamascus, Syria
Parents NameFather – Alex Antonitsch
Mother – NA
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight78 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorGrey
SiblingsMark Antoon (Brother), Jack Antonoff
GirlfriendNicole Manos
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameNicole Manos
Children Name2 Childrens
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Content Creator, Model, Social Media Influencer, CEO, and Co-owner of MindGeek
Feras Antoon Net Worth $5 Million dollars
Feras Antoon Net Worth and Feras Antoon Bio

Feras Antoon Awards And Achievements

Feras Antoon won many awards in various categories. He has been awarded several degrees by prestigious universities around the world for his humorous contributions to humanity.

It is generally accepted that he achieved the best possible results in the field of humanities.

He has also been very fortunate to receive many epochal awards from various presidents and noble people, which is truly remarkable.

People from all walks of the globe have only come to know Feras Antoon through his entertainment. Feras Antoon is proud to have received a variety of prestigious awards.

Feras Antoon As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Feras Antoon FaceBookClick Here
Feras Antoon InstagramClick Here
Feras Antoon TwitterClick Here
Feras Antoon YoutubeClick Here
Feras Antoon Net Worth Social Media Accounts

FAQ – Feras Antoon Net Worth

What is Feras Antoon’s Net Worth?

Feras Antoon’s Net Worth is estimated at $5 Million dollars.

What is the nationality of Feras Antoon?

Feras Antoon’s nationality is Canadian.

In which country Feras Antoon was born?

Feras Antoon was born in Damascus, Syria.

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