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This post is about Mikki Mase Net Worth and his biography. Mikki Mase is a highly accomplished professional gambler, renowned for his expertise in sports betting and horse racing.

With more than ten years of experience, he has become a well-known figure in the industry. His extensive knowledge and strategic approach have helped him accumulate an impressive net worth over the course of his career.

Introduction of Mikki Mase | Mikki Mase Bio

His success is mainly attributed to his impressive winnings on the poker circuit, but he is also recognized for his business acumen and investments in various gambling ventures.

Throughout his career, Mase has participated in numerous high-stakes games and tournaments, amassing a net worth calculated to be in the millions.

Mikki Mase is a renowned figure in the gambling world, starting as a professional poker player and expanding his career to other areas of the industry. With over 15 years of experience, Mase is highly respected as one of the most skilled and successful players.

Mikki Mase Personal Life

Mikki Mase treasures his family life, prioritizing spending quality time with his loved ones above all else. He believes that having a strong family foundation is essential for success in all aspects of life, including his gambling career.

Mikki Mase Career

According to Mikki Mase, his interest in gambling started at a young age, long before his professional career. After a troubled past and some time in prison, he decided to turn his life around and focus on his business ventures.

While he started with double-deck blackjack, Mase later switched to baccarat and maintains a strategy worth $50 million, although he denies accusations of card counting.

With the help of his other businesses, Mase was able to retire in his mid-20s and frequently traveled to Las Vegas to gamble. He claimed to have made up to $50,000 per trip on his best days, and eventually increased his stakes to win as much as $300,000 per trip.

He attributes his success to his calm demeanor and strong mathematical skills. Despite having only a few years of experience, Mase has also proven himself to be skilled at poker through live game shows.

Mikki Mase Gambling Career

With growing confidence, Mikki ventured into other forms of gambling, such as sports betting and horse racing.

He quickly gained a reputation for his exceptional skill in the game and began participating in local tournaments, which he consistently won.

Mikki Mase is a highly successful gambler who has accumulated a net worth of millions of dollars. His journey in gambling began when he was just 16 years old and started playing poker with friends.

He realized that he had a natural talent for it, and his success grew rapidly. By the time he turned 21 years old, Mikki had already amassed a significant amount of wealth through his gambling ventures.

Mikki Mase Bio

Mikki Mase Net Worth
Mikki Mase Net Worth

Career: Biggest Wins

Mikki’s outstanding victory occurred at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas where he won a $10 million jackpot, this win propelled him to fame and made him one of the most sought-after gamblers in the industry. Apart from this significant win, Mikki has had numerous other notable victories.

For instance, he won $5 million during a high-stakes poker game against some of the best players globally at Caesar’s Palace. Another significant milestone for Mikki was when he won $3 million playing craps at The Venetian.

These wins have helped him amass an impressive net worth of over $10 million today. He is considered a legend in gambling circles and continues to inspire young aspiring gamblers with his achievements.

The early success of Mikki Mase’s rise to fame

Mikki Mase’s proficiency in gambling can be attributed to his innate talent for playing cards and his ability to read his opponents’ body language. He earned a reputation as a skilled player during his early years of gambling.

His career took off in the early 2000s when he won various high-stakes tournaments and became one of the elite players in the industry. He won millions of dollars in prize money and gained recognition as one of the best poker players in the world.

This led to invitations from major casinos worldwide to participate in their tournaments. His beginnings in gambling played a pivotal role in propelling him toward financial independence.

While Mikki has diversified into other business ventures like real estate and tech startups, his net worth of over $10 million is a testament to his early success as an online gambler.

Mikki Mase Net Worth and Mikki Mase Real Name, Age, Height, and Bio-Data

Real Name/Full NameMichael Meiterman
Nick NameDirty Goth Boi
Date Of Birth27 October 1991
Age33 years old
Birth PlaceNA
Parents NameFather – NA
Mother – NA
Marital StatusNA
Spouse NameNA
Children NameNA
ProfessionPoker Player, Gambling
Mikki Mase Net Worth $10 Million
Mikki Mase Net Worth and Mikki Mase Bio

Mikki Mase Net Worth

Mikki Mase has become a well-known figure in the gambling industry, thanks to his passion and unparalleled success. As of 2023, Mikki Mase net worth is around $10 million.

Mikki Mase earns his money

Despite numerous interviews and active social media accounts, the source of Mikael ‘Mikki’ Mase’s wealth remains a mystery, giving rise to various theories.

While some speculate that he received a large inheritance from wealthy parents who may own a casino or be land developers, others speculate that he may have made his fortune from money laundering or operating rehab clinics.

Some even suggest that he could have profited from early investments in cryptocurrencies or Instagram scams.

Mikki Mase himself has claimed that he generated his wealth through his rehab clinics, but this statement is a subject of controversy on social media. In his No Jumper interviews, he elaborates on how he opened several rehab clinics that were profitable.

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Mikki Mase Scandal and Controversy

Mikki Mase gained media attention for exposing a cheating scandal in the gambling industry. Despite winning large sums of money from casinos, he has a negative view of them.

According to reports, Mase has caught casinos cheating several times. In one instance, he discovered that a new interface introduced to help baccarat players was providing false information to players.

When he raised this issue and accused the casino of cheating, he was banned from the area. This incident has gone viral through interviews and Mase’s Instagram bio even states that he has been exiled from Vegas, likely referring to this scandal.

Mikki Mase As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

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FAQ – Mikki Mase Net Worth

What is Mikki Mase’s net worth?

Mikki Mase’s net worth is estimated at $10 Million.

What is Mikki Mase Real Name?

Mikki Mase’s Real Name is Michael Meiterman.

Where was Mikki Mase born?

Mikki Mase was born on 27 October 1991.

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