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This is the post of Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth and Bio. Big Boy Strength Cartel is also known as Big SC Boy. His real name is Jake Johns. Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth is around $400,000 dollars.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Bio

Meet Jake Johns, also known as Big SC Boy. He’s an upcoming powerlifter, skateboarder, and viral video sensation from San Clemente, California.

With a weight exceeding 330 pounds, he possesses the body of a strength athlete and the spirit of a concrete surfer.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth | Big Boy Net Worth

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth is too high. He also has a YouTube Channel. As of March 2023, the American YouTube channel known as Big Boy has a net worth of $424,000 dollars.

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Big Boy Strength Cartel Personal Life

He is single. Nothing information was about his personal life.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth
Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth

What is Strength Cartel?

Strength Cartel is a fitness and powerlifting brand founded in 2016 by a group of friends in Southern California.

The brand has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially within the powerlifting community, due to its strong social media presence and the success of its athletes in powerlifting competitions.

Strength Cartle Team is made of 10 Members. They are – Big SC Boy (Ceo), Big Joe (Heavy Hitter), Big Ed (Heavy Hitter), Lee (Heavy Hitter), Wicked (Heavy Hitter), Spyboi (Heavy Hitter), YBE (Heavy Hitter), Jr (Heavy Hitter), Juicy (Heavy Hitter), Savage (Heavy Hitter).

Owner of the team Strength Cartel

Jake Johns (Big SC Boy) is the owner of Strength Cartel, a company that produces supplements designed by Johns, as well as apparel.

He chose the name “Strength Cartel” because he wanted something that incorporated the initials S and C, representing his hometown of San Clemente.

Johns can often be seen wearing a hat with “1903” on it, which represents 19 for S and 03 for C.

Jake Johns (Big SC Boy)

Jake Johns, who goes by the name Big SC Boy on Instagram, is a powerlifter, personal trainer, and entrepreneur with almost 700k followers on his Instagram page.

One of the founders of Big Boy Strength Cartel is Hector “Big Boy” Morales, who is also one of the brand’s most well-known athletes.

He is a competitive powerlifter who has set multiple world records in the bench press and deadlift, and he has also competed in bodybuilding competitions.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth
Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth

Big Boy Strength Net Worth and Big Boy Strength Cartel Age, Height, Wiki, Ethnicity & Bio

Real Name/Full NameJake Johns
Nick NameBig SC Boy
Date Of BirthNA
Big Boy Strength Cartel AgeMore than 40
Big Boy Strength Cartel Height
Big SC Boy Height
6 feet
Big Boy Strength Cartel Weight298 pounds
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Marital StatusSingle
ProfessionPowerlifter, influencer, YouTuber,
Social Media Star
Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth$400,000
Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth & Big Boy Strength Cartel Bio
Get Paid to do simple jobs on Social Media
Get Paid to do simple jobs on Social Media

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Big Boy Strength Cartel Instagram and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Big SC Boy FaceBookClick Here
Big SC Boy InstagramClick Here
Big SC Boy YoutubeClick Here
SBig SC Boy WebsiteClick Here
Big SC Boy Social Media Sites
Big Boy Strength Cartel Bio
Big Boy Strength Cartel Bio

Big SC Boy Products

Big Boy Strength Cartel offers a range of fitness products, including clothing, lifting equipment, and supplements.

The brand’s clothing line includes t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and hats, all featuring the Big Boy Strength Cartel logo.

The lifting equipment includes items like wrist wraps, lifting straps, and knee sleeves, while the supplements include pre-workout formulas, protein powders, and fat burners.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Jail – What did Big Boy Strength Cartel go to jail for?

Big Boy has been convicted of four first-degree murder charges, seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon, six counts of robbery, and one count of conspiracy.

In addition, he was found guilty of attempting to rob the Santa Monica Taco Bell and assaulting the manager with a deadly weapon. For this reason, he had to go to prison for 5 years.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Bio at a Glance: Powerlifter and Viral Sensation

  1. Meet Big SC Boy: Discover Jake Johns, also known as Big SC Boy, a rising powerlifter, skateboarder, and social media star from San Clemente, California.
  2. Strength & Spirit: With a 330+ pound frame, Jake embodies power and the free-spirited essence of skateboarding.
  3. Impressive Net Worth: Big Boy Strength Cartel’s net worth is a whopping $400,000, fueled in part by his YouTube presence.
  4. Strength Cartel Legacy: Jake’s brainchild, Strength Cartel, gains popularity in the powerlifting world due to its social media impact and athlete success.
  5. Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Beyond powerlifting, Jake’s entrepreneurship shines through Strength Cartel’s supplements and apparel, representing his hometown pride.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Tattoos

“Big Boy Strength Cartel tattoos” have become a beloved means for dedicated fitness enthusiasts to express their unwavering support. These inked tributes often showcase the iconic Strength Cartel emblem – a barbell crowned with the words “Strength Cartel” in bold typography.

Additionally, fans frequently opt for designs featuring the motivational mantra of the Strength Cartel: “Grind to Greatness,” or even striking images paying homage to the charismatic figure, Big Boy himself.

The canvas for Big Boy Strength Cartel tattoos spans across the arms, chest, and back. Whether one chooses an expansive and intricate design or a more subtle, compact rendition, there’s no definitive formula. What truly matters is selecting a tattoo that resonates deeply with your passion for the world of fitness.

Consider these vibrant examples of Big Boy Strength Cartel tattoos:

  1. The Strength Cartel Emblem: Proudly emblazoned on the chest, this emblem encapsulates the essence of the brand.
  2. “Grind to Greatness”: Elegantly etched across the expanse of one’s back, this powerful motto serves as a constant source of inspiration.
  3. Big Boy’s Visage: Adorning your arm, an artistic rendition of Big Boy captures the spirit and energy that fuels your fitness journey.
  4. “Stronger Than Yesterday”: On the forearm, a barbell stands as a reminder that every day presents an opportunity to grow stronger.
  5. “Lift Heavy, Live Long”: A symbolic dumbbell, coupled with the words, “Lift Heavy, Live Long,” on the shoulder, reflects a commitment to both strength and longevity.

Big Boy Strength Cartel tattoos serve as more than just ink on the skin; they are a powerful declaration of devotion to the fitness brand and a steadfast dedication to personal fitness goals.

Should you be contemplating adorning yourself with this distinctive ink, take the time to explore various designs and select one that will resonate with you for years to come.

It’s a testament to your passion for the fitness lifestyle and a constant source of motivation.

FAQ – Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth

Who is Big Boy from Strength Cartel?

Jake Johns is a big boy from the strength cartel.

Who is the owner of Strength Cartel?

Jake Johns (Big SC Boy) owns the strength cartel.

What does Big SC Boy do for a living?

Big SC Boy does powerlifting, personal trainer, and entrepreneur for a living.

How much is Big SC Boy worth?

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth is around $400,000 dollars.

How old is Big Boy Strength Cartel?


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