Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth | Yasmine Bleeth Husband, Friends, Children, Age, Bio – From Baywatch to Beach Bum Success Journey

This is the post about Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth and Yasmine Bleeth Bio. Yasmine Bleeth is an American actress and model.

Yasmine Bleeth is best known for playing Caroline Holden in the Baywatch television series. She has also appeared in films such as BASEketball and Nash Bridges.

Introduction Biography

Early Life – Yasmine Bleeth Age

Bleeth was born in New York City on June 14, 1968. Her father is of Russian-Jewish and German-Jewish descent, and her mother is of Algerian and French descent. She is now 54 years old.

At the age of 10 months, Bleeth made her modeling debut in a Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo advertisement.

Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth and Yasmine Bleeth Bio
Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth and Yasmine Bleeth Bio


Bleeth attended the United Nations International School in New York City. She graduated from high school in 1986 and enrolled at the University of Southern California, where she studied acting.

Personal Life: Yasmine Bleeth Husband – Yasmine Bleeth Children

Bleeth has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Paul Cerrito in 2002. The couple divorced in 2005. In 2011, Bleeth married Michael Stern. The couple has no children.

Yasmine Bleeth Friends | Yasmine Bleeth and Matthew Perry

Yasmine Bleeth was friends with Matthew Perry, one of the stars of the sitcom “Friends.” They dated in the late 1990s, and Perry has said that she was one of the great loves of his life.

Yasmine Bleeth Bio – Data

Real Name/Full NameYasmine Amanda Bleeth
Nick NameYazmania
Date Of BirthJune 14, 1968
Yasmine Bleeth Age55 years old
Birth PlaceNew York City, New York, United States
Parents NamePhilip and Carina Bleeth
Yasmine Bleeth Height5’5″ (1.65 m)
Weight115 lbs (52 kg)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
SiblingsTristan and Miles Bleeth
LanguagesEnglish and French
Yasmine Bleeth EthnicityJewish
Yasmine Bleeth ZodiacGemini
Yasmine Bleeth Husband NameMichael Stern
Marital StatusMarried 2 times
Yasmine Bleeth Children NameNone
ProfessionActress and model
Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth$10 million
Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth and Yasmine Bleeth Bio.

Yasmine Bleeth Baywatch Photos | Yasmine Bleeth Baywatch Age

Yasmine was 25 years old at the time of working in Baywatch in the role of Caroline Holden. It was the most successful and turnaround TV Show of her career.

Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth - Yasmine Bleeth Bio
Yasmine Bleeth Baywatch Photos | Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth, Bio

Yasmine Bleeth Career

Bleeth began her acting career in television, appearing in guest roles on such shows as The Love Boat and Hotel. In 1992, she was cast as Caroline Holden on Baywatch.

The show was a huge hit, and Bleeth became a household name. She left Baywatch in 1998.

Bleeth has also appeared in films such as BASEketball (1998) and Nash Bridges (1996). In recent years, she has focused on her modeling career.

Yasmine Bleeth Movies And TV Shows

Yasmine Bleeth, the renowned American actress and model, has left an indelible mark on both the big and small screens with her captivating performances. Let’s take a journey through her career, highlighting some of her most memorable roles, all neatly arranged by year:

1985-1989: Ryan Fenelli on Ryan’s Hope
In the mid-’80s, Yasmine graced our screens as Ryan Fenelli in the beloved soap opera “Ryan’s Hope,” showcasing her early talent and setting the stage for her future stardom.

1991-1993: LeeAnn Demerest on One Life to Live
The early ’90s saw her portrayal of LeeAnn Demerest in “One Life to Live,” solidifying her status as a rising star in the world of daytime television.

1993-1997: Caroline Holden on Baywatch
Bleeth’s breakthrough came in the iconic lifeguard role of Caroline Holden in “Baywatch.” Her time on this hit series, spanning from 1993 to 1997, catapulted her to international fame and made her a household name.

1998-2000: Caitlin Cross on Nash Bridges
As the late ’90s rolled in, she graced the crime drama series “Nash Bridges” as Caitlin Cross, further showcasing her versatility as an actress.

1998: Jenna Reed in BASEketball
In 1998, she brought humor to the forefront with her role as Jenna Reed in the comedy film “BASEketball,” proving her ability to excel in various genres.

Beyond these iconic roles, Yasmine Bleeth’s talent extended to the silver screen, and she graced us with her presence in several notable movies and TV shows:

2000-2001: Titans
She made a captivating appearance in “Titans,” captivating audiences with her acting prowess.

1999: Undercover Angel, It Came from the Sky
In 1999, Yasmine added depth to her filmography with the heartwarming “Undercover Angel” and the intriguing “It Came from the Sky.”

1998: Veronica’s Closet, Heaven or Vegas
The late ’90s witnessed her participation in the TV series “Veronica’s Closet” and the film “Heaven or Vegas,” showcasing her range as an actress.

1999-2000: Road Rage, Hidden War
The turn of the millennium saw her in gripping roles in “Road Rage” and “Hidden War,” further cementing her status as a versatile performer.

2000: Goodbye, Casanova
In 2000, she added depth to her filmography with the compelling “Goodbye, Casanova.”

2002: V.I.P.
Her talents shone brightly in the TV series “V.I.P.” in 2002, further endearing her to her fans.

While Yasmine Bleeth faced personal challenges related to addiction in the early 2000s, she displayed remarkable resilience and made a triumphant return to acting in recent years.

Her 2021 appearance in the film “Whack the Don” marked her comeback, leaving us eagerly anticipating her future projects. Yasmine Bleeth’s journey in the world of entertainment continues to be an inspiring and captivating one, filled with remarkable performances that have left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth

Yasmine Bleeth generates her primary income from various sources, namely her career in acting, modeling assignments, and endorsement deals.

Her professional journey encompasses a wide range of appearances in both television shows and movies, as well as notable features in magazines and commercials.

Notable endorsements in her portfolio include products such as CoverGirl cosmetics, Diet Coke, and Herbal Essences shampoo.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Yasmine Bleeth net worth is currently estimated at $10 million.

Let’s delve into the key sources of income for Yasmine Bleeth:

  1. Acting: Yasmine Bleeth’s acting prowess has been showcased in a multitude of television shows and films. Some notable mentions include her appearances in popular productions like Baywatch, Charlie’s Angels, and Nash Bridges. Additionally, she has taken on leading roles in various television movies.
  2. Modeling: Yasmine Bleeth’s striking features have landed her prestigious modeling opportunities. Her captivating presence has graced the pages of numerous magazines and has caught the attention of commercial advertisers. She has been featured in campaigns for renowned brands such as CoverGirl cosmetics, Diet Coke, and Herbal Essences shampoo.
  3. Endorsements: Yasmine Bleeth has been a sought-after personality for endorsement deals. Her influence and appeal have led to collaborations with reputable brands, including CoverGirl cosmetics, Diet Coke, and Herbal Essences shampoo, to name a few.

It is important to note that Yasmine Bleeth’s income has experienced fluctuations over the years. However, in recent years, her income has decreased due to a reduced workload in acting.

During the early 1990s, when she was a prominent cast member on Baywatch, she enjoyed the highest salary of her career, reportedly earning $1 million per episode.

Nevertheless, she continues to accrue earnings from her successful modeling assignments and ongoing endorsement partnerships.

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Yasmine Bleeth Philanthropy

Bleeth is a supporter of several charities, including the American Red Cross and the Humane Society. She has also worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to grant wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Yasmine Bleeth Bio
Yasmine Bleeth Bio

Yasmine Bleeth Social Media Links

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Yasmine Bleeth FacebookNA
Yasmine Bleeth TwitterNA
Yasmine Bleeth InstagramClick Here
Yasmine Bleeth YoutubeNA
Yasmine Bleeth LinkedinNA
Yasmine Bleeth Social Media Links

Interesting Facts About Yasmine Bleeth

  • Bleeth is fluent in French.
  • She is a certified scuba diver.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • She is a supporter of the environment.
  • She is an animal lover.

Conclusion About Yasmine Bleeth

Yasmine Bleeth is a talented actress and model who has enjoyed a successful career in both television and film. She is also a kind and compassionate person who is dedicated to helping others.

FAQs About Yasmine Bleeth Net Worth, Bio

What is Yasmine Bleeth’s net worth?

Bleeth’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

What is Yasmine Bleeth’s most famous role?

Yasmine Bleeth is best known for her role as Caroline Holden on the television series Baywatch.

What is Yasmine Bleeth’s current relationship status?

Yasmine Bleeth is married to Michael Stern.

What happened to Yasmine Bleeth?

Yasmine Bleeth faced personal challenges, including addiction and legal troubles, which led her to step away from acting in 2003. However, she has since embarked on a journey of recovery and sobriety, becoming a vocal advocate for addiction recovery.

In 2021, she made a triumphant return to acting in the indie comedy film “Whack the Don,” and while her future projects remain unannounced, she remains open to new opportunities, serving as an inspirational figure who has overcome adversity in her life.

How old is Yasmine Bleeth?

Yasmine Bleeth was born on June 14, 1968, so she is currently 55 years old.

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