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Uncover the inspiring journey of the Dougherty Dozen Net Worth building, a renowned American foster-adopt family, and their remarkable rise to success. Explore their captivating story, from overcoming adversity. achieving a net worth

Introduction of Dougherty Dozen

The Dougherty Dozen, a renowned social media collective, rose to immense fame through its TikTok channel and other online platforms.

The group was established by the Dougherty couple following 11 unsuccessful attempts at conceiving and gaining recognition after launching their TikTok channel.

The Dougherty Dozen, a well-known American family of TikTok celebrities, has achieved a level of digital stardom that surpasses that of most family content creators.

Their videos, which showcase their daily life as a family of twelve and cover a range of topics including vlogs, funny moments, chores, and adoption, have garnered widespread media attention, making them one of the most successful family content creators on TikTok and YouTube.

Dougherty Dozen Founders Information

Alicia Lee Dougherty is now 42 years old and was born in the United States on October 9th, 1980. Meanwhile, her husband and partner, Joshua Brian Dougherty, was born on January 11th, 1979 in New York, USA.

Dougherty Dozen Family | Dougherty Dozen Kids

This TikTok family comprises 14 members, including both adopted and foster children, who share their daily lives through a variety of engaging and heartwarming videos.

With over 5 million fans on the platform, they have built a large and devoted following.

  • Kid number one was adopted from foster care when he was five years old after his parents had experienced nine years of infertility and miscarriages. He is now a 10th grader and 16 years old.
  • Kid number two is their biological child, and they found out about the pregnancy just six days after adopting Alex. Zoey is currently almost ten years old and in fourth grade.
  • The caseworker asked the family about adopting James from foster care a year later when he was six years old. Today, James is 15 years old and in ninth grade.
  • Kid number four, Dash, was born two weeks after James joined the family. Dash is now eight years old and in second grade.
  • The family was asked to accept Jordan and Jason’s foster care placement for five days when Dash was one year old, but they ended up adopting the twins. Jordan and Jason are now part of the family, and Dash is their brother.
  • While caring for the twins, the family gave birth to Bodhi, who is now five years old and attends kindergarten. Harlee, who is currently three years old, is also part of the family.
  • Lastly, Bree and Patrick, who were 8 and 11 years old respectively, were adopted by the family after they heard about the siblings in a residential treatment facility. They requested that the siblings be kept together, and today, Bree is 11 years old and in fifth grade, while Patrick is 13 years old and in seventh grade.

Dougherty Dozen Bio

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth
Dougherty Dozen Net Worth

Josh And Alicia Dougherty Net Worth and Dougherty Dozen Bio-Data

FoundersJosh And Alicia Dougherty
Nick NameDougherty Dozen
Alicia Lee Dougherty Date Of Birth9 October 1980
Age42 Years Old
Joshua Brian Dougherty Date Of Birth11 January 1979
Age44 years old
Birth PlaceNew York City, United States of America
Parents NameFather – NA
Mother – NA
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight75 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Marital StatusMarried
Alicia Lee Dougherty’s Husband’s NameJoshua Dougherty
Dougherty Dozen Kids /
Children Name
Alexander Jean Doughtery, Harlee Quinton Louise Doughtery,
Bree Cindra Summer Doughtery, Zoey Mae Elizabeth Doughtery,
Patrick John Doughtery, Dashel Joshua Doughtery,
Bodhi Blaze Doughtery, James William Doughtery,
Jordan Steven Williams Doughtery, Jason David Williams Doughtery
Profession (source of income)TikTok channel and other online platforms
Dougherty Dozen Net Worth $1.1 million
Dougherty Dozen Net Worth and Bio

Dougherty Dozen Some Family Members:

Family MembersDate of birthAges
Alicia Lee Dougherty9 October 198042 Years Old
Joshua Brian Dougherty11 January 197944 Years Old
Alexander Jean Dougherty7 February 200616 Years Old
James William Dougherty16 January 200715 Years Old
Patrick John Dougherty29 July 200814 Years Old
Nevaeh14 Years Old
Dayshawn13 Years Old
Bree Cindra Summer Dougherty27 January 201111 Years Old
Zoey Mae Elizabeth Dougherty10 April 201210 Years Old
Dashel Joshua Dougherty11 January 20148 Years Old
Jordan Steven Williams Dougherty16 October 20148 Years Old
Jason David Williams Dougherty16 October 20148 Years Old
Bodhi Blaze Dougherty Dougherty4 October 20166 Years Old
Harlee Quinton Louise Dougherty7 August 20184 Years Old
Dougherty Dozen Family members

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth

The popular YouTuber and TikTok sensation, Dougherty Dozen, is primarily recognized for its engaging TikTok videos.

The couple, Joshua and Alicia, who run the Dougherty Dozen account, have ten children and joined YouTube on February 21, 2020. Now, Dougherty Dozen net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million.

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Dougherty Dozen House

The Dougherty Dozen House is a bustling hub of activity, where 13 family members of all ages live, work, and play together. The house is designed to be both functional and stylish, with plenty of space for everyone to have their own space.

One of the unique features of the Dougherty Dozen House is the large kitchen island. This is a gathering place for the family, where they cook meals together, do homework, and play games. The island is also equipped with a built-in breakfast bar, so the family can enjoy meals together without having to sit down at a formal dining table.

Another unique feature of the house is the home theater. This is a place where the family can relax and unwind together, watching movies or TV shows. The home theater is also equipped with a gaming console, so the kids can enjoy playing video games together.

Overall, the Dougherty Dozen House is a unique and inspiring home that reflects the values of the family that lives there. It is a place where everyone is loved and accepted, and where everyone has a place to belong.

Dougherty Dozen Net Worth Dougherty Dozen Bio
Dougherty Dozen Net Worth Dougherty Dozen Bio

Dougherty Dozen Awards

YouTube presented them with the Silver Play Button as an award.

Dougherty Dozen Sponsor’s charge

The Dougherty Dozen, who have over 6.2+ million followers on TikTok, earn their net worth from sponsored posts on the platform, charging anywhere between $9,000 to $15,000 per post.

Despite this, their income from TikTok is less than what they earn from their YouTube channel.

Dougherty Dozen Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, and Other Social Media Profiles

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Dougherty Dozen WebsiteClick Here
Dougherty Dozen RedditClick Here
Dougherty Dozen FacebookClick Here
Dougherty Dozen InstagramClick Here
Dougherty Dozen TwitterNot Available
Dougherty Dozen YoutubeClick Here
Dougherty Dozen LinkedinNot Available
Dougherty Dozen Net Worth & Dougherty Dozen Bio Social Media Accounts

Dougherty Dozen Exposed Reddit

The Dougherty Dozen Exposed Reddit thread is a controversial place where users share their concerns about the Dougherty family. Some users believe that the Dougherty parents are exploiting their children for fame and fortune, while others believe that the allegations are unfounded.

The thread is a reminder of the dark side of social media, and the dangers of putting children in the spotlight. It is also a reminder of the importance of critical thinking and media literacy.

FAQ – Dougherty Dozen Net Worth | Dougherty Dozen Bio

What is Dougherty Dozen’s net worth?

As of 2024, Dougherty Dozen’s net worth of approximately $1.1 million.

Who founded the Dougherty Dozen?

The Dougherty Dozen founder is Alicia Lee Dougherty and Josh Dougherty.

Where does the Dougherty Dozen live?

The Dougherty Dozen live in Pittsford, New York.

How does the Dougherty Dozen make money?

The Dougherty Dozen makes money through social media sponsorships, advertising, and merchandise sales.

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