Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth 2024 – Shark Tank Update

This article is about Eco Nuts Soap Berries, its rise and fall, and Net Worth information. Soap nuts have been a natural substitute for chemical laundry detergent for a long time.

They consist of 100% natural detergent and are, in fact, berries (also known as soap berries), making them a safe option for those with nut allergies or sensitive skin.

The term “nuts” in their name is due to the hard shell that forms around the fruit as it dries.


The soapberries contain saponin, a natural surfactant that has been used for centuries to clean both skin and clothes.

Organic Eco Nuts Soap Berries are a natural and hypoallergenic alternative to traditional laundry detergents.

In contrast to commercial detergents that often rely on artificial foaming agents to create lots of bubbles and foam, soap nuts do not produce the same visual effects.

These soap berries are a safe option for families with newborns, those with sensitive skin, or anyone looking to adopt a more environmentally friendly cleaning routine.

When the berries are agitated in water, they release saponin and gently cleanse laundry without the use of harsh chemicals.

They are gentle on delicate fabrics and colors, and can effectively clean laundry without irritating.

Foam is not a reliable indicator of cleaning power, and the natural surfactants in soap nuts can effectively clean clothes without the need for excessive foaming.

The Founder of Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts is marketed as a hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and reusable product that can last for ten loads.

Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth
Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth

The creators of Eco Nuts, Mona Weiss and Scott Shields, established the brand to offer a cheaper and eco-friendly option to regular laundry detergent and fabric softener.

By including Eco Nut berries in a small pouch during laundry, Mona and Scott provided an effective solution that positively impacted the environment. Each soapberry can be utilized up to 10 times.

About Them

How to use Eco Nuts Soap Berries

You can use this natural product for washing your clothes as a detergent, fabric softener, or both. All you need to do is put 4-5 of the berries in the provided wash bag and toss it in the washer with your clothes.

To enhance the softening effect, you can also purchase Lavender Bliss Dryer Balls, which not only make your laundry soft but also reduce drying time.

As the berries are agitated in water, saponin is released, which acts as a natural fabric softener. You can reuse the same berries until they lose their color, become thin as a piece of paper, and are brittle when dry, which usually takes about 10 wash cycles.

Other Information

Company NameEco Nuts
FoundersMona Weiss and Scott Shields
ProductOrganic, all-natural laundry detergent
LocationLawndale, California
TypePrivately Held
Company size2-10 employees
Shark Tank Investment$175,000 for 15% equity
Net Worth$1.16 million

Online Presence

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Position Before Shark Tank

In 2009, Mona and Scott began gathering nuts, packaging them in eco-friendly ways, and selling them wherever they could find a market. They sold their products online, at art fairs, and in physical stores.

Eco Nuts, a green laundry detergent company, was founded by Scott Shields and Mona Weiss.

Before starting the business, Mona was a Sesame Street performer who later switched to creative directing.

Scott, on the other hand, was an actor with the same objective as Mona, which was to reduce the amount of plastic and chemicals people use.

Mona searched for an organic, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly laundry detergent, which led her to discover soap nuts.

She was disappointed when she ordered soap nuts online and discovered they were delivered in plastic containers instead of eco-friendly packaging.

Their laundry detergent effectively cleans clothes without using abrasive chemicals, and its natural oils can also be used as a fabric softener.

Eco Nuts has been recognized for its dedication to the environment and pioneering sustainability programs in the laundry detergent sector.

Since soap nut seeds can leave stains and germs on fabrics and other items, Weiss and Shields developed a method for extracting them. Eco Nuts is a green business that only uses natural ingredients and recyclable packaging in its products.

Situation: After Shark Tank Update

According to the Associated Press, Eco Nuts, which was rejected on Shark Tank, is now available for purchase on Amazon and its official website for $7 per pouch.

The company has experienced significant success, with sales surpassing the million-dollar mark. Following the show’s broadcast, Eco Nuts began to be shipped regularly.

Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth Shark Tank
Eco Nuts Soap Berries Shark Tank

Eco Nuts Soap Berries Net Worth

As of now 2024, their net worth is $1 million in sales annually. Now, their net worth is estimated at $1.16 million.

Shark Tank Pitch

Scott and Mona presented their pitch for Eco Nuts on Shark Tank, offering a 15% stake in the company in exchange for a $175,000 investment. However, they did not secure a deal with any of the sharks and left the stage empty-handed.

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Advantages of their Organic Cloth Cleanser

Their products have several benefits, including:

  • They can be used in washing machines and prevent clothes from shrinking during the rinse cycle.
  • They are natural laundry detergents made from organic nuts.
  • They do not harm septic systems or greywater systems.
  • Eco Nuts are effective cleaners that reduce negative environmental impacts and residual chemical buildup in both high-efficiency and standard washing machines.
  • Eco Nuts are perfect for people with sensitive or allergic skin as they are gentle and soft.
  • The Eco Nuts bag can be reused up to 10 times and can be composted when it starts to decompose. Simply wash the bag and refill it with Eco Nuts.
  • To use them, add 4 to 5 Eco Nuts in the reusable wash bag and wash as usual with your preferred detergent.


Using soap nuts on a cool wash may not yield the best results, as they work better with warm-to-hot water. This may increase energy usage and potentially damage clothes.

Contribution to Society

Soapberries used in products are responsibly sourced through wild harvesting in Nepal and are packaged in the USA. Eco Nuts is committed to providing safe and equitable working conditions for the women employed in Nepal, while also ensuring that they receive fair trade wages.

By choosing Eco Nuts, you are not only reducing plastic waste but also contributing to job creation in both Nepal and the USA.


Is there an expiration date for soap nuts?

SoapNuts may become sticky when exposed to humid conditions, but this does not affect their cleaning capabilities or the quality of the product. They will still clean clothes effectively despite being sticky.

What are Eco Nuts Soap Berries?

Eco Nuts are the dried shells of the soapberry tree, scientifically known as Sapindus mukorossi. These shells have a natural soap called saponin, which has been used for centuries in Asia to wash clothes.

What is the origin of Eco soap nuts?

Eco Nuts are the husks or shells of the soapberry nut, which come from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. This tree is native to the mountainous regions between India and Nepal, including the Himalayas. Another name for Eco Nuts is soapberry nut husks.

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