Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth | Isaiah Saldivar Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Church, Deliverance Map, Youtube 

This article will delve into “Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth” and the “Isaiah Saldivar Bio”. Isaiah Saldivar is an American YouTuber, podcaster, and preacher. His life story is quite unique.

He went from being an atheist to a committed Christian, sharing his transformation story. Now, he works for God’s mission alongside his wife and their four daughters.

Introduction of Isaiah Saldivar | Isaiah Saldivar Bio

Isaiah Saldivar is a well-known American pastor, author, and motivational speaker. He is recognized for inspiring people worldwide with his impactful speeches and teachings.

He’s a prominent American Christian minister. His journey from atheism to becoming a messenger of God’s transformative message is remarkable. His dedication to spreading the gospel and igniting revival is unwavering. It has touched millions of lives worldwide.

Through dynamic preaching and a strong online presence, Saldivar has risen as a prominent voice. He’s recognized in the realm of spiritual awakening and repentance.

Isaiah Saldivar Early Life | Isaiah Saldivar Age

Isaiah Saldivar was born in the United States on March 12, 1988. His parent’s names are not known.

Isaiah Saldivar Personal Life | Isaiah Saldivar Wife

Isaiah Saldivar is a renowned preacher and speaker. He is happily married to Alyssa Saldivar, his best friend and fellow preacher. They met during ministry school in Redding, California, and quickly became close friends.

They began dating and married in 2016. Alyssa is also a preacher and speaker, often joining Isaiah at events. They have a strong partnership and support each other’s ministries.

Together, they have four lovely daughters: Justice, Nova, Harvest, and Journey. Saldivar’s dedication to his family is a testament. It exemplifies his values of love, unity, and the importance of a faith-based foundation.

Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth Bio, Isaiah Saldivar Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Church, Deliverance Map, Youtube 
Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth Bio, Isaiah Saldivar Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Church, Deliverance Map, Youtube 

Isaiah Saldivar Church

After his deliverance, Saldivar realized he needed guidance. He sought assistance from his Uncle Ben Lucero (Nino). Nino was among the few family members involved in ministry. Under Nino’s mentorship, Saldivar stepped into his calling.

Inspired by a vision of people praying at his house, he took action. With his uncle’s assistance, he started organizing prayer meetings. Miraculously, people were drawn to these gatherings. They were captivated by the signs, wonders, and miracles that unfolded.

It began as a humble prayer group at Saldivar’s home in Manteca, California. Rapidly, it transformed into a global revival named “The Awakening 209.”

From 2011 to 2019, this movement had a profound impact. It touched the hearts of hundreds, drawing ordinary individuals seeking an extraordinary touch from God. Week by week, the attendance grew. It testified to the undeniable power and truth present among them.

Saldivar’s ministry went beyond physical gatherings. He delivered his message of revival and repentance. This happened in over 600 churches, conferences, and events.

He harnessed the power of social media to expand his outreach. Saldivar connected with an astonishing 7-9 million people each week.

His podcast, “Revival Lifestyle,” is highly acclaimed. It ranks in the top 1% globally. His YouTube channel has 734,000 devoted subscribers.

Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth, Age, Wife | Isaiah Saldivar Bio | Isaiah Saldivar Wikipedia

Real Name/Full NameIsaiah Luke Saldivar
Nick NameIsaiah Saldivar
Isaiah Saldivar BirthdayMarch 12th, 1988
Isaiah Saldivar Age35 years old
Birth PlaceUSA
Isaiah Saldivar Parents NameFather – NA
Mother –
Isaiah Saldivar Height5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Isaiah Saldivar WeightNA
Hair ColorNA
Eye ColorNA
Isaiah Saldivar SiblingsNA
Isaiah Saldivar ZodiacPisces
Isaiah Saldivar GirlfriendNA
Marital StatusMarried
Isaiah Saldivar Wife NameAlyssa Saldivar
Isaiah Saldivar Children Name
Isaiah Saldivar Daughters Name
(Four daughters) Justice, Journey, Harvest, and Nova
ProfessionChristian Youtuber, Evangelist, Author
Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth $5 million
Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth and Isaiah Saldivar Bio

Isaiah Saldivar As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Isaiah Saldivar WebsiteClick Here
Isaiah Saldivar FacebookClick Here
Isaiah Saldivar InstagramClick Here
Isaiah Saldivar TwitterClick Here
Isaiah Saldivar YoutubeClick Here
Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth Social Media Accounts

Isaiah Saldivar Deliverance Map

Isaiah Saldivar is a well-known speaker and preacher. He specializes in deliverance ministry within the Christian community. Saldivar developed a “deliverance map.” Its purpose is to assist individuals in identifying areas requiring deliverance from spiritual strongholds.

The deliverance map includes critical components. These involve identifying the root causes of fear, anger, and unforgiveness. It also entails creating a prayer and spiritual warfare plan to tackle these issues.

Additionally, the deliverance map highlights the importance of community and accountability. These aspects play a crucial role throughout the deliverance journey.

Saldivar encourages individuals to find a mentor or spiritual leader. These guides can assist them through the deliverance process and provide continuous support.

Isaiah Saldivar Books

Isaiah Saldivar is a renowned Christian author and speaker. He has written numerous books aimed at enriching faith. The purpose of these books is to assist individuals in strengthening their faith. They also aim to provide a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Among his most popular titles are “The Supernatural Lifestyle,” “Revival Rising,” and “The Prophetic Voice of God.” In these books, Saldivar shares his personal experiences with God.

He also provides practical guidance for leading a faith-centered life. He also imparts insights into the prophetic gifts and their potential for serving others.

Saldivar’s writing style is engaging and accessible. It appeals to both newcomers and experienced Christians.

Isaiah Saldivar’s books are an excellent starting point. Whether you want to deepen your faith, enhance your Bible knowledge, or explore the supernatural, they offer valuable insights.

Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth - Isaiah Saldivar Bio
Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth – Isaiah Saldivar Bio

Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth

In 2023, Isaiah Saldivar net worth is approximately $5 million. He achieved this significant sum through his thriving YouTube channel and various other ventures.

Despite his remarkable success in ministry, Saldivar’s primary goal is sharing the revival message. He prioritizes this mission over accumulating personal wealth. This success is evident through his substantial following and influence.

Saldivar’s commitment to serving God is evident in his actions. He is dedicated to transforming lives, showcasing his selfless devotion to a higher calling.

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Isaiah Saldivar Youtube & Earnings

Isaiah harnesses the internet’s power to reach beyond his church’s walls. He shares both short and long messages on social media. His team records complete sermons on YouTube. They then craft shorter clips for Instagram, where he has 196k followers.

Isaiah Saldivar hosts the “Revival Podcast.” He uses its content to share videos on his YouTube channel, which boasts 763k subscribers.

In the podcast, Isaiah delves into various topics. These include yoga as a spiritual practice, Catholic and Protestant views of salvation, and the power of voodoo.

His substantial church attendance and strong social media presence have contributed to his wealth. Isaiah applies Biblical principles to multiply his income.

FAQ – Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth

What is Isaiah Saldivar’s Real Name?

Isaiah Saldivar’s Real Name is Isaiah Luke Saldivar.

What is Isaiah Saldivar’s net worth?

Isaiah Saldivar’s net worth is estimated at $5 million as of 2023.

What is Isaiah Saldivar wife name?

Isaiah Saldivar wife name is Alyssa Saldivar.

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