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This article is about Splikity Net Worth and Other Information. Splikity offers an automated solution for saving users’ passwords. It syncs them across all devices and automatically enters them on websites.

Introduction The Splikity: Password App

Splikity offers a user-friendly password management app. It ensures safe storage, management, and easy retrieval of your passwords, eliminating the risk of forgetting them.

The Splikity: Password app provides protection against identity theft attempts by hackers. Additionally, it allows seamless synchronization and backup of passwords across all your devices.

With Splikity, you can generate unique and complex passwords for new sign-ups. This feature bolsters your security against potential hackers.

With this program, you’ll stay safeguarded against identity theft and other threats. It generates intricate and unique passwords for all your visited websites.

The encryption is at a military level, and the company doesn’t hold the key to your encrypted data. The sync feature ensures you never forget your password.

The Founders of Splitkity

Chad and Doug Clark, brothers from Paradise Valley, Arizona, founded Splikity: Password App. Frustrated with password forgetfulness, they developed this app for secure password management, protecting against hackers.

The Splikity Password app’s primary goal is to enhance your online security. It does this by securely storing and syncing all your passwords across devices. This ensures you never forget them while using the internet.

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Splikity Bio

Splikity Bio Other Information
Splikity Bio Other Information

Splikity Net Worth and Other Information

Company NameSplikity 
Splikity FounderDoug Clark and Chad Clark
Splikity Founded Year2010
Splikity Headquarters LocationParadise Valley, Arizona, United States
Asked for$200,000K for 10% stake in Splikity
Episode Episode 2 Season 7
Final DealNo Deal
ProductPassword Management App
SharkNo Shark
AIR DATEOctober 2, 2015
Business Status (2023)In Business
Splikity Net Worth $2 million
Splikity Net Worth

Splikity As A Public Figure – Social Media Influencer

Social Media SiteLinked Destination
Splikity WebsiteClick Here
Splikity FacebookClick Here
Splikity InstagramNot Available
Splikity TwitterClick Here
Splikity YoutubeNot Available
Splikity LinkedinNot Avalable
Splikity Net Worth Social Media Accounts

Splitkity Before Shark Tank

Doug and Chad experienced a harmless prank when their eBay account got hacked by friends bidding on useless items. This incident made them rethink their online security, leading to the development of Splikity: Password Management app.

Splikity was designed to enhance security. It enables safe login without typing details, uses military-grade encryption, and seamlessly works across devices.

Despite not actively promoting the app, Splikity generated decent revenue. However, the founders realized the need for additional funding to stay competitive. Hence, they sought funding from Shark Tank to promote and market their product.

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Splitkity After Shark Tank Update

Chad and Doug felt disappointed after their Shark Tank appearance, thinking they didn’t get enough time to present their product. However, they didn’t put much effort into promoting it afterward.

By 2019, the app had only been downloaded 1,000 times. Their social media accounts remained largely inactive, except for occasional cybersecurity news.

As of 2023, the app and website are still operational, but it lacks popularity. With only two reviews on the iOS app store, users are dissatisfied with the lack of a free trial and issues during sign-up. The app has a 2.7-star rating on Google Play.

Not much discussion is seen outside app stores. The possibility arises that people might be unaware of the app or hesitant to pay for it. Cheaper or even free alternatives are available, contributing to user hesitation.

Splikity Net Worth

As of 2024, Splikity net worth is estimated at  $2 million.

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Splikity Net Worth
Splikity Net Worth

Splikity Features

  • Track expenses: With Splitwise, you can monitor expenses with friends and family. Add them manually or import them from your bank account.
  • Split expenses: The app automatically divides expenses based on the group size. Customize splits if necessary.
  • Send and receive payments: Splitwise facilitates payments with friends and family. Use various methods like PayPal, Venmo, and credit cards.
  • View reports: Access reports to see what you owe and have been paid. Also, check total spending on different expenses.

Competitors of Splikity

1Password is a Series C company founded in 2006, with its base in Ontario, Canada.
Dashlane is a Series D company founded in 2009, headquartered in New York City.
Keeper Security is a Series D company founded in 2009, based in Chicago.

FAQ – Splikity Net Worth

What is Splikity’s net worth?

As of 2023, Splikity net worth is approximately $2 million.

Who founded Splikity?

The Splikity founders are Doug Clark and Chad Clark.

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